Conference Day Two: Tuesday 19 January 2010

8.30 Registration, Refreshments And Networking

9.00 Chair’s Welcome And Opening Remarks

9.10 Incorporating GIS Into A Company’s Information Management Strategy, The ADCO Experience

  • Creating the information management strategy; identifying the business drivers and developing the business case
  • Defining the corporate architecture blueprint; developing a common platform for successful corporate service deployment
  • The user interface; GIS as an information delivery tool

Jeremy Mead
Programme Manager / Data Management Specialist

9.50 Geo-Enabling Master Well Database And Further – An Approach To Qualify Data

  • Using Geo-information to review and correct well deviation survey data in the master database
  • Evaluating the value proposition of using GIS as a QA/QC and Data Management tool in E&P workflow and demonstrate the findings to management
  • Incorporating more subsurface features such as core, seismic data and depth maps to GIS
  • Devising a mechanism to create Subsurface GIS dataset and integrate to Corporate GIS

Jayaprakash Athmaram
GIS Application Engineer

Hafidh Al Maskari
EPS Team Leader

Mohamed Jawad Yousif
UZFDS - Data Management Team Lead

10.30 Morning Break, Networking And Refreshments

11.00 Case Study: Municipal Spatial Solutions Infrastructure (MSSI) For The Single Source Geo-Referencing Frame For Abu Dhabi SDI

  • Outlining the MSSI covering data and technology
  • Discussing real-time integration of spatial data of three municipalities into a standardized seamless dataset
  • Evaluating web-based GIS tools and services providing real-time access to municipal data sets across high speed Adnet

Abdul Salam Mohammed
Consultant – GIS & Property Database
Department of Municipal Affairs - Abu Dhabi

11.40 Case Study: Infrastructure Master Plan Within KOC Oil Fields

  • Introducing the S&EK (South East Kuwait) Infrastructure Master Plan
  • Addressing increasing costs due to spacing conflicts and identifying and resolving potential future conflicts during early stages
  • Allowing necessary growth to happen in an organized and cost-effective way
  • Reorganizing most flowlines, power distribution lines and roads into corridors to minimize space required and take advantage of overlapping buffer zones

Mohammad R. Abdulhadi
Senior Engineer Facilities Planning

12.20 Lunch Break And Networking Opportunity

14.00 Case Study: Introducing The Successful Enterprise-Wide Integrated GIS Implementation In One Of The Largest Electrical Utility Companies In India

  • Discover how to derive business benefits and ROI from your GIS implementation
  • Discussing how Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and System Integration is vitally important for successful implementation
  • Re-engineering end-to-end business processes

Uday Kale
Vice President Corporate IT
Reliance Energy Ltd.

14.40 Discussing Subsurface GIS In Oil Exploration Journey

  • Explaining how GIS benefits surface activities
  • Discussing subsurface mapping and analysis
  • Analyzing the advantages and limitations of utilizing GIS for subsurface data management

Elfatih Wadidi
GIS & Data Management Head Section
Sudapet Co.

15.20 Afternoon Break, Networking And Refreshments

15.50 Designing A Geodatabase For Oil Spills Crisis Management

  • Understanding the requirements of an oil spills monitoring and management system
  • Reviewing data needs and challenges specific to oil spills
  • Proposing a geodatabase design approach that provides for use in monitoring oil spills and in implementing mitigating and intervention measures
  • Discussing the role of geodatabase and GIS in prototyping oil spills early warning systems

Dr. Nazmi Saleous
Director of the M.Sc. program in remote sensing and GIS
UAE University

Dr. Salem Issa
Associate Professor of Remote Sensing and GIS
UAE University

16.30 GIS Expert Q&A Session

This session is designed to assure that you leave the summit equipped with answers to your unique challenges.

Uday Kale
Vice President Corporate IT
Reliance Energy Ltd.

Panel: Speakers of the day Also including:

Samir Bishai
Survey and Cartography Section Leader

Bhaskar Vemulapalli
GIS Specialist

17.00 Final Comments From The Chair And Close Of Conference

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