Conference Day One: Tuesday, 26 October 2010

08.30 Day One Registration & Welcome Coffee

09.00 Opening Remarks From IQPC And The Conference Chair

Dredging and Reclamation Opportunities in Asia

09.10 Keynote Case Study: Offshore Marine Centre Project

  • An overview of the recent developments of Singapore’s marine and offshore industry
  • Optimising waterfront use with the innovative infrastructure solution of the Offshore Marine Centre project
  • Transforming the marine and offshore industry
  • Case study: Overcoming the technical challenges

Koh Chwee
JTC Corporation

Hee Ah Mui
Executive Vice President (EVP)
Jurong International Holdings

09.50 Guidelines For Dredging And Port Construction Around Coral Reefs: PIANC WG15

  • Consequences of dredging and port construction near coral reefs Dredging and construction techniques and their various impacts on coral reefs
  • Mitigation and compensation measures, as well as monitoring and management strategies to minimize and manage impacts to coral reefs
  • Case studies on dredging and construction near coral reefs and how they are managed

Tom Foster
Regional Manager, Southeast Asia
DHI Water & Environment

10.30 Morning Tea & Networking Break

Overcoming Project Complexities through State-of-Art Technologies and Techniques

11.00 Innovative Case Study: Dredging Investigations And Operations In Rock – Improvement Of Techniques For Production Estimate

  • Driving forces of dredging innovations: What is in the pipeline?
  • Innovation of dredging equipments for different conditions
  • Providing a geotechnical perspective: Investigating and estimating
  • Dredging in rock project case studies such as the Pacific entrance of Panama Canal

Prof. Dr. Lucien Halleux
Managing Director, G-Tec
Visiting Professor, KU Leuven (Belgium)

ir. Luk Verstraelen
Senior Engineering Manager
DEME (Belgium)

11.40 Case Study: Dredging Techniques Used For The Pasig River Rehabilitation Project

  • Examining the socio-economical impact of the rehabilitation project
  • Overview of the project background: Dredging the heavily contaminated Pasig River – What are the challenges?
  • Applying environment-friendly techniques throughout the dredging process
  • Advanced techniques for storing the dredged spoil

Engr. Alan Gatpolintan
Head of Operations
Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission

12.20 Lunch & Networking Break

13.20 Case Study: Overcoming Design Challenges In Large And Complex Reclamation Projects

  • Managing complex dredging and reclamation projects through early involvement
  • Overcoming complex dredging projects with advanced techniques
  • Examining the construction conditions and choosing the right equipment
  • Case Studies: Palm Island, The World and Tanjung Bin (Malaysia)

Peter van der Hulst
Commercial Manager SEA
Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractor

14.00 Out-Of-The-Box Dredging: “Sandpiper” Reducing Costs In Long Distance Mass Transportation

  • Understanding the cost challenges for long distance reclamation projects
  • Examining the recent innovations and technology advancements in dredging equipments
  • New technology implications for the future of land reclamation

Tore Hansen-Tangen
Executive Chairman
Viking Development Group (Norway)

14.40 Afternoon Tea & Networking Break

15.10 Developing Reliable Numerical Models To Assist Risk Assessment And Risk Mitigation In Dredging And Reclamation

  • Develop reliable numerical models
  • Examining the risk forecast models to assess mitigation strategies
  • Understanding of the financial benefits of the mitigation strategies
  • Applying different types of numerical and risk models in dredging and reclamation operations

Malcolm Andrews
Manager Coastal Discipline

15.50 Panel Discussion: Exploring The Next Horizon Of Dredging Techniques

  • Understanding global technological advancement for dredging and reclamation
  • Discussing unique drivers in Asian dredging market
  • Learning the recent development and applications of dredging techniques from the experts

Panellists Include:

Tore Hansen-Tangen
Executive Chairman
Viking Development Group (Norway)

Malcolm Andrews
Manager Coastal Discipline

16.30 Chair’s Summary And Q&A

17.00 End Of Day One