Conference Day One: Monday 18 October 2010

08:30 Registration, Coffee And Networking

08:45 Chairman’s Welcome And Opening Remarks

Vinay M. Parelkar
The Indian Institute of Architects (IIA)

Co-chaired by Navin Keswani
Managing Director
Aluplex India Pvt. Ltd.

An insight into the Indian façade industry

9:00 Changing The Face Of Indian Facades 2020

  • Analyzing current trends in façade design and engineering related to India
  • Constructing double skin facades and integrating photovoltaic’s in India
  • Façades industry in India - the possibilities, probabilities and aspirations

Navin Keswani
Managing Director
Aluplex India

09:30 Living, Breathing, Thinking Façades For The 21st Century

  • Living façades: Enhancing sustainable living space with Cybertecture Egg in Mumbai
  • Breathing façade: A planetary Technosphere to sustain natural eco-system in Dubai
  • Thinking façade: Fostering intelligence through interconnectivity in The Pad in Dubai

James Law
Chief Cybertect and Chairman
James Law Cybertecture

10:00 Optimizing Design To Increase The Energy Efficiency And Sustainability Of The Building

  • Mitigating solar heat gain to increase the thermal comfort level of the building
  • Discussing strategies adopted to achieve low maintenance and energy efficient façades
  • Enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the face to increase ROI

Kiran Uchil
Regional Director
RSP Design Consultants (India)

10:30 Case Study: The Villamar Towers In Bahrain - The Future Of Façade Design

  • Analyzing issues associated with complex curved geometry façade projects
  • Discussing the application of parametric design processes to reduce cost and risk
  • Implementing mathematical modeling tools to automate the rationalization process
  • Understanding the applications of technology in the design, manufacture and installation processes

Chris Macey
Group CEO, Wintech Façade Engineer and Vice Chairman
Society of Façade Engineering (London)

11:00 Networking Break

Identifying best practice for façade glass designing for India

11:30 Discussing The Current Trends, Standards And Regulations For Glass Installation.

  • Considering how the quality of glass selected can impact the entire building’s performance.
  • Improving and regulating standards in India.
  • Examining regulation changes ahead in order to align your company’s offering

Richard Gulliver
Chairman, Technical Committee
Glass and Glazing Federation, Gulf Region

12:00 Designing And Engineering Of Special Glass Structures

  • Utilizing advancements in glass to enhance the quality and aesthetic value of a façade
  • Selecting appropriate installation techniques
  • Mitigating risk by using blast resistant glazing

Dirk Schulte
Managing Director
APG Middle East

12:30 Emphasizing The Importance Of Glass As A Wonder Material For Architects

  • Enabling exotic architecture with glass façades
  • Achieving green buildings with glass architecture
  • Discussing the future of glass in architecture and the construction industry

Prem Nath
Principal Architect
Prem Nath and Associates

13.00 Presentation By Al – Abbar

13:05 Networking Lunch

14:00 Designing Glass For Constructing Aesthetically Pleasing Façades

  • Considering the parameter for designing glass for tall super structures
  • Considering the specifications for glass structures in façades
  • Ensuring the performance of the structures to enhance economic returns

Mr. Sharanjit Singh
Managing Director
GSC Glass

Identifying the best façade system for delivering aestheticaly pleasing iconic buildings

14:30 Designing Façades To Cope With The Unique Indian Climate

  • Discussing the impact of climate in determining the appropriate choice of façades
  • Optimizing design strategies to ensure durability of façades in harsh climates
  • Sharing experiences in façade designing for large IT parks

Ravi Sarangan
Executive Director

15:00 Designing Buildable Façades In India

  • Re-engineering international designs to be technically viable in India
  • Identifying issues of fabricating complex geometrical façades
  • Balancing aesthetics and structural elements

Reza Kabul
Principal Architect

15:30 Selecting Appropriate Façade Systems For Your Project

  • Analyzing different methods for building envelopes
  • Discussing the various systems suitable to the Indian terrain
  • Evaluating unitized versus stick - selecting the most suitable system

Nitin Bhatia
Managing Director
Facet Construction Engineering

16:00 Panel Discussion: Achieving Best Practice Structural Glazing Through Cladding

  • Comparing the various cladding techniques available in structural glazing
  • Explaining innovative shading techniques through cladding
  • Utilizing cladding techniques to increase the aesthetic value of the building

Varghese P.V.
Chief Executive Officer
Shobha Developers (Glazing Division)

Chris Macey
Wintech Façades Engineer and Vice Chairman
Society of Façades Engineering (London)

Nitin Bhatia
Managing Director
Facet Construction Engineering

16:30 Networking Break

Controlling cost aspects without compromising safety and quality

17:00 Designing And Building Low Maintenance Façades To Reduce Operational Cost

  • Designing easily accessible façade surfaces
  • Selecting appropriate materials and systems to increase durability
  • Using low maintenance glass and corion

Robert Stephens
Regional Director [Middle East]
Meindhardt Façade Technology

18:00 Evening Networking Reception Hosted By Aluplex