Day 3: Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Level One Training Classes

These interactive training classes are designed for call center professionals that are looking to gain some fundamental tools and strategies to help advance their careers and strengthen their performance. You can attend the EXPO hall on a complimentary basis and then add on workshops to help round out your educational experience. Level one training classes take place during the conference.

7:30am Registration Open

8:00am - 10:00am Performance Management Strategies for Driving Results and Boosting Morale

Is your center having fun while focusing on performance? Bluegreen, a leader in the vacation time sharing industry, manages financial and performance metrics, drives results and creates fun activities around performance enhancement. This session will incorporate games and other interactive activities to help you measure and manage your call center’s performance.

  • Setting standards and metrics that align with your goals
  • Determining what you need to measure and how you’re going to measure it
  • Understanding the frequency of your measurements
  • Developing a quality management plan to ensure calls meet minimum quality standards
  • Leveraging the available data - no matter how rich or robust the data is

Find out how to bolster employee morale and camaraderie while driving performance.

Angela Blevins
VP Club Services

Alicia Sweatt
Director of Club Services

10:15am -12:15pm How to Be Innovative and Get your Ideas Heard!

You are attending the 12th Annual Call Center Week because your Manager cares about your performance and development. Attend this interactive training session and learn strategies for coming up with innovative ideas and getting them off the ground. Many people know how to manage down but the hardest thing to learn is how to “manage up” to senior management.

  • Assessing your skill set and adapting ways to present it to senior management
  • Setting and managing expectations – under promise and over deliver
  • Building support and championing the Voice of the Customer
  • Developing innovative team strategies
  • Taking a good idea and figuring out how to run with it
  • Identifying vendor solutions that might improve efficiency/automation and “selling” the products to management
  • Staying on top of the latest and greatest call center technologies

Find out how to be come up with great ideas, get noticed, achieve results, and advance your career.

Philip Bennett
Executive Vice President/Signature Services

Main Conference Sessions

7:00am Registration and Coffee

8:00am Chairperson

Michael Smitheman
Product Management Director

Winner IQPC 2010 Call Center Excellence Award Best Performance Leveraging Customer Feedback

8:15am Keynote: Achieving World-Class Performance – Why the Customer’s Voice is the One True Judge of Service

In this inspiring keynote, you will hear about Discover’s extensive Customer Call Listening program that provides opportunities every day to directly hear the voice of Discover customers. It also provides a forum to identify and act on process improvement opportunities, solidify best practice, and reward great service agents (titled “Account Managers”) for outstanding service.

Learn how to drive customer loyalty through:

  • Leveraging VOC efforts to help drive business process improvements through analysis of customer irritants, gathered through multiple feedback channels and listening posts (including calls, written correspondence, email, and chat)
  • Transforming a voluminous amount of feedback into actionable insight for driving loyalty and strategic business decisions
  • Establishing a financial link between customer’s levels of satisfaction and their annual spend
  • Employing a Customer Loyalty Score metric that is correlated to other business and financial objectives

Learn take-home strategies for implementing a world-class approach to listening and responding to the voice of the customer, through an integrated network of channels and processes with a dedicated investment of time and resources.

Clint Morley
Vice President of Customer Service and Engagement
Discover Financial Services

9:00am Keynote: Delivering Consistent Global Customer Experience

Adriana Torres, Head of Global Contact Centers for Citigroup, manages customer service delivery, operations efficiency, account opening, in-bound sales and customer anti-attrition efforts in 42 International Markets as well as drives Global Strategy to ensure consistent customer experience across the globe.

In this session, we’ll find out:

  • How to build a strategic model of consistent customer experience around the globe
  • Key drivers for delivering global services
  • Delivering global services while meetings local customer expectations and needs
  • Understanding cultural differences and its impact to service
  • Overcoming the challenges of driving a global strategy and implementing it locally
  • Hot to apply the model in the domestic market

Adriana Torres
Global Contact Center Head and Managing Director
Citigroup Global Consumer Bank

09:45am KEYNOTE: The 2.0 Contact Center Metamorphosis

This session will address how the social media revolution and technology evolution will change the way your contact center operates…and how that is really good news for contact center professionals. The contact center industry is evolving at an unprecedented rate — driven by changes in customer demands, changes in the way people communicate and changes in technology. Most notably, technology is the key enabler that will drive contact centers into a new paradigm of service. In addition, contact centers are evolving in their roles within an organization as well – new light is being shed on the value they can bring to an organization. It is up to us, as contact center professionals, to help spread that enlightenment across the organization. We will review:

  • Keeping up with Social Media: The Role of the Contact Center in Response
  • Incentive Management – for Representatives, Management and Customers
  • Elevating the Contact Center’s Role in the Organization

Please join us for what promises to be an informative, interactive and lively discussion. We welcome the audience’s participation as we tackle the topics that are shaping our industry today!

Joe Jacoboni
Contact Centers of America

Catherine H van Zuylen
VP Products

10:30am Mid-Morning Networking & Refreshment Break

11:15am Roundtables:

Leveraging Data Intelligence to Improve the Contact Center Experience

Julie Kline
Director Sales
VoltDelta OnDemand Solutions

Enhancing the ROI through Improved Call Center Performance

Steve Maskell
Vice President Consulting
GFK Custom Research

Achieving Excellence with Real World Social Support

Craig Meurer
Director, CRM/Technology Solutions

Social Media: Dive In!

Monica Tarr
Director of Contact Center
Strategic Products and Services (SPS)

Strategies for Managing the Delivery of Customer Experiences at Every Stage in the Customer Lifecycle

Steve Kraus
Sr. Director, Product Marketing
Pegasystems Inc.

A Primer on Mobile Customer Care

Paul Griswold
Senior Director of Product Development

Scott Dizon
Director of Business Development and Strategic Alliances

Believe it! Achieve Great Customer Experience in the IVR

Paul Logan
Chief Executive Officer
Contact Solutions

Justin Lemrow
Director of Continuous Improvement Practice
Contact Solutions

The Science of Quality Monitoring

Neal Eggers
VP of Quality Sciences

When the Customer is King: Differentiating Your Customer Experience

Al Nugent

Work 3.0 – Planning for and Managing the Virtual Workforce

David Parkhurst
Vice President, Client Services
Alpine Access

Today’s Contact Center: Anchoring the Customer Experience within the Enterprise

Nancy Dobrozdravic
VP of Solutions Marketing

Potential Topics for Additional Roundtables (Subject to Change):

  • Digital Strategy: Getting Ready for the Future Workforce
  • The Super Skilled Agent
  • Back to Basics: Mastering the Fundamentals
  • Driving Business Value by Understanding Key Customer and Prospect Experiences
  • Call Center Culture
  • Embracing Empowerment
  • Overcoming the pitfalls of technology integration



The Call Center Excellence Awards honor, recognize and promote the most innovative call center solutions and individuals.

Don’t miss this opportunity to find out who won our 2011 Call Center Excellence Awards in 8 impressive categories.

Master of Ceremony:

Steve Riddell
Chief Operating Officer
Winner 2010 Call Center Excellence Award – Best in Class Call Center
(under 200)

Concurrent sessions begin. Choose Track A, B, C or D

TRACK A: Talent Management/Leadership Excellence
Barry Maners
Managing Director
The Fraser Group

TRACK B: Tools and Technologies
Boan Rubalcava
Nuxiba Technologies

TRACK C: Social Media Strategy and Advanced Customer Care

TRACK D: Strategies for Success in Multi-Channel Environment

1:45pm Case Study: Unilever Consumer Services How Unilever Creates Strategic Value while Cutting Costs through Exceptional Customer Interactions

Unilever’s Consumer Services group supports and provides consumer insights for over 90 brands— ranging from Dove® to Klondike® to Axe®. In this case study presentation, Linnea Johnson will highlight how her department transitioned from disparate systems, multiple applications, reporting limitations, and information access challenges to fully-integrated CRM, knowledge management and contact center technologies.

She will share how her group was able to improve the quality of customer experiences and insights in the contact center and on the Web, while reducing costs and complexity. Attendees will also learn how the Consumer Services group successfully leveraged Web self-service to reduce inbound email volume and interaction costs. In addition, attendees will learn how Unilever is monitoring, managing and analyzing social media interactions to improve customer satisfaction, gain valuable ideas and insights, and mitigate risk.

Linnea Johnson
Director of Consumer Services

Doug Rippy
Astute Solutions

1:45pm Panel Session: Strategies for Excelling in a Multi-Channel Contact Center - Identifying Where to Focus Efforts to Drive ROI

Companies have no choice but to leverage technology in order to realize a customer service and sales strategy that can enable seamless interactions across modalities and offer simple portals for customers. In this panel session, we will explore strategies for determining where to focus efforts to drive ROI out of multi-channel contact centers.

  • Adding non-voice channels
  • Conducting a generation based analysis of customers
  • Determining what channels and technologies are driving ROI and justifying investment
  • Realizing ROI around smart phone mobility

Michael S. Kulik
Dir. of Marketing & Business Development
Bucher + Suter

1:45pm Case Study: How a Leading Computer Manufacturer Integrates Social Media into its Contact Center Strategy

The continued exponential growth of social media channels threatens to drive up contact center labor costs for companies trying to incorporate this new service forum into their customer service operations. Contact centers are faced with the challenging task of trying to monitor, analyze, and decide how to respond to an ever increasing volume of social media messages. See how a leading computer manufacturer has implemented a real-time business rules engine to tag and prioritize posts, blogs, and tweets as it incorporates social channels into its care organization. Learn about: Implementing a business rules engine to filter social media communications Quantifiable benefits of social media filtering

Jeff Gossman
Sr. Director of Global Technology Solutions
Convergys Corporation

1:45pm Any Agent, Any call: Delivering Customer Service. On Budget, On Brand.

Is your knowledge management system delivering desirable results? Implementing knowledge management in the contact center can have a profound effect on the quality and efficiency of your service operations. Customers benefit from interactions with more knowledgeable agents, who are empowered to resolve issues with greater speed, accuracy and consistency. Agent training costs can be substantially reduced, while job satisfaction increases as interactions with customers become more positive. Implementing knowledge management, however, requires careful planning. Success depends on an implementation with targeted goals and the development of knowledge that is closely aligned with service needs.

Join experts, Mary Fenlon, Director of Knowledge Management at Xerox Mark Angel, Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer at KANA to learn:

  • Proven practices to quickly and effectively build a high-leverage knowledge management program
  • Ways Xerox has followed each practice to generate value for agents, customers and Xerox at large
  • Hands-on experience and best practices from long-time KANA customer, Xerox

Mark Angel
Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Mary Fenlon
Director of Knowledge Management

2:35pm Building a Customer Focused Culture to Fuel Success and Growth, a leader in online retail sales, was named Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For,” ranking #15 on the 2010 list. Early on decided to build the brand to be about the very best customer service and customer experience. In this session, you’ll find out how company culture continues to fuel its success and growth.

  • Focusing on multi-channel as a communications strategy with customers
  • Inspiring employee happiness and engagement to wow your customers
  • Changing the mindset to empower agents while removing fear of poor performance
  • Shaping your culture with core values that are utilized inside and outside the office

Jane Judd
Senior Manager
Customer Loyalty Team

Marlene Kanagusuku
Manager of Customer Loyalty Team

2:35pm Case Study: How TARGUSinfo Empowered InfoCision’s Ability to Acquire, Retain and Grow High Value Customers

This case study will explore how TARGUSinfo helped InfoCision gain an edge over the competition by leveraging real-time analytics and scoring. Key topics will include how to

  • Instantly identify hot prospects and jump them up the queue
  • Route callers to the most appropriate agents to drive conversion and order value
  • Customize offers, messages and cross sell promotions to individual callers
  • Improve resource allocation to optimize conversion rates

Dorean Kass
Director Consumer-Facing Markets

Dana Allender
VP Business Development
InfoCision Management Corporation

2:35pm Contact Center Profitability – Driving Revenue and Improving Customer Experience

Network Solutions, which manages more than 7 million domains, over 1.5 million e-mailboxes, and more than 350,000 Web sites, has been certified by JD Powers 4 years in a row for Customer Service. Find out how the company is driving revenue and improving customer experience through a Continuous Improvement Process.

  • Driving employee engagement through partnerships with engineering, product management and finance
  • Demonstrating the ROI of a social media team and driving revenue with coupons, offers and cross-selling
  • Measuring contact center profitability through balanced scorecard and customer contact center profitability analysis
  • Reducing non value added calls, service requests and customer escalations through a root cause analysis process

Carl Boothby
VP Operations
Network Solutions, LLC

2:35pm Optimizing the Multi-Program Call Center with CRM and Telephony Technologies

C3 Connect manages call center programs (sales and support) throughout the globe. The challenges that C3 faces every day have made CRM technology a critical component of its value delivery system. At the core of C3’s technology universe is SugarCRM Professional On-Demand. C3 worked with Levementum (a technology service provider that focuses on call center operations) to rapidly implement SugarCRM to manage their operations, integrate to their telephony platform, allow for VerInt call recording and monitoring, and enable SOAP based integration with their client operations applications.

Come and learn how C3 Connect was able to drive efficiencies and enable scale through its technology implementation. Learn how the technology platform delivered by Levementum and SugarCRM allowed for:

  • A customized CRM solution in a SAAS environment
  • Integration to key external systems
  • Integration with telephony solutions
  • Revenue growth and Customer Satisfaction driven by their call center team

Kenneth Condren
VP of Technology
C3 Connect

Geoffrey Mobisson
Managing Director Technology & Marketing
Levementum LLC

3:20pm Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break

4:05pm A. Revamping Your IVR for Outbound Customer Applications

In this customer case study, we will discuss outbound applications and their different uses such as: notifications, data verifications, appointment scheduling and surveys. These are powerful tools, especially when customized to your business needs and executed properly. Give your customers the opportunity to speak to an agent, use SMS/ text to reach out to clients or create a call schedule that is customized to your customers’ availability. MicroAutomation and Comcast, will inform you how MicroAutomation was able to enhance Comcast’s existing IVR to implement outbound applications and streamline their call center operations. You will learn how to:

  • Increase customer service satisfaction and retention by revamping your IVR
  • Enhance your revenue and collections process through outbound customer applications
  • Reduce live calls and cost of call center agent time spent on transactional activities

Suresh Gursahaney
Founder and President
MicroAutomation, Inc.

Wayne Ramprashad
Executive Director, Contact Management and Architecture

4:05pm 10 Ways to Evaluate a BPO

When making the decision to outsource, businesses are seeking outsourcers with abilities to deliver high customer satisfaction plus cross-sell/up-sell revenue instead of being just a low-cost provider. This session will address practical approaches to simplify the complex tasks involved in defining and deploying outsourced call center operations.

  • Establishing the expectations of how an outsourcer will handle your customer’s calls
  • Making sure you outsourcer is capable of meeting your expectations for cost and customer service while meeting your unique needs
  • Considering important factors including how to: project the load for inbound and outbound calls, understand the life cycle of the product or services, and maintain good customer service

Walk away with a road-map for dealing with the large amount of options you will confront with outsourcing.

Brian R. McIlhenny
Senior Vice President – Sales
NCO Customer Management, Inc.

Geoffrey A. Best
Director, Program Manager
NCO Customer Management, Inc

4:05pm Aligning Your Entire Organization Around a Customer First Approach

  • Learn how to leverage feedback from your front-line representatives
  • Involve the entire organization, especially non-customer facing departments
  • Driving feedback across organizational boundaries
  • Recruit “Customer Advocates” beyond the call center walls

Aaron Taylor
Sr. Director Customer Care

4:55pm Keynote: MAKING THE GRADE: Using Scorecards to Improve Agent Performance

The measure of success (or failure) of a contact center is simply the sum of the performances of each of its agents. In order to improve agent performance a contact center must find a way to affect and sustain change in the behavior of every agent, on every call. This keynote explores how quality metrics enable contact centers to instantly identify exactly where agents need help, and to continuously measure progress to successfully answer two very important questions — Knowing What to Change and Determining Whether the Change Made a Difference.

Jim Halloran
Vice President Quality Management Group
Pershing LLC, a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation

Jeff Gallino
Chief Technology Officer

5:45pm Cocktail Reception

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