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Sponsors & Exhibitors

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Website: www.conforma.be

Conforma is a GMP and ISO 13485 certified pharmaceutical company specializing in the production and conditioning of semi solids and liquids. With an experienced team of experts and scientists, we provide the global market with contract manufacturing services ranging from formulation and development to delivery of finished product, with an emphasis on small to medium batch series as well as clinical trial quantities. You can find our expertise and advanced manufacturing technologies at work in some of today’s prescription drugs (Rx), over-the-counter drugs (OTC), and medical devices. We maintain a high focus on client satisfaction and adhere to strict government-regulated quality control procedures.

Contact Details:
Sigrid Dermaut
Business Development Manager
Conforma NV
Zenderstraat 10
9070 – Destelbergen
Tel: +32 9 228 20 00
Fax: +32 9 228 22 62
Email: sigrid.dermaut@conforma.be

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With over 30 years experience, Almac has the most comprehensive range of integrated drug development services available to the biopharma industries. We provide chemical and pharmaceutical development services throughout the development lifecycle as well as GMP manufacturing for all phases of clinical supply and ultimately commercialisation.

Integrated CMC Services

Ensuring the best physical form, our intelligent and structured solid-state pre-formulation services, include:

  • Polymorph Screening
  • Crystal Engineering
  • Crystal Form Selection
  • Characterisation

Following the selection of the optimal API form, we provide innovative drug product development services, including:

  • Formulation Development
  • Clinical Batch Manufacture (Ph 0-IV)
  • Process Optimisation & Scale-up
  • Analytical Development

Commercial Services

Transferring product knowledge from our Pharmaceutical Development team we can scale up and commercialize drug products. Alternatively, we can ensure a successful technology transfer process from a host site. Our comprehensive suite of integrated commercial services includes:

  • Solid, oral dose manufacturing
  • Primary packaging for solid oral dose pharmaceuticals
  • Secondary packaging for biopharmaceuticals / Orphan Drugs
  • Distribution to end-user (Ambient, Refrigerated, Frozen & Controlled Drugs)

For further information on the Almac service offering, please contact:

Brian Eastwood
Business Development Manager
T: +44 (0)28 3836 3363
E: brian.eastwood@almacgroup.com


Website: www.anabiotec.com

AnaBioTec is a GMP compliant contract laboratory. We provide physical, chemical and microbiological analytical services to the pharmaceutical industry.

Our expertise focuses on method development, method validation and stability studies. We have been successfully inspected by the FDA and the European Authorities.

Our CMC contract services are offered both for early and later phases of development.

Reibroekstraat 13, B-9940 Evergem
Technologiepark 3, IIC 2, B-9052 Zwijnaarde
Tel.: + 32 (0)9 241.56.40
e-mail: kathleen.blockeel@anabiotec.com
Web: www.anabiotec.com


Website: www.orion.fi

Orion is an innovative European R&D-based pharmaceuticals and diagnostics company. Our portfolio includes proprietary and generic products for human and animal health.

We offer high value contract manufacturing services for global markets. Acknowledged quality of operations, solid project management practices, excellent customer service, and high service level form the basis of our contract manufacturing offering.

Extensive services from R&D support to regulatory know-how and comprehensive supply chain operations are available for our customers. We have experience in several dosage forms and also potent compounds. Our facilities are EMA/FDA/JP approved.

Contact Details:
Maria Moukola
Business Manager
SC, Contract Manufacturing
Orion Corporation
Tengströminkatu 8, P.O. Box 425
Tel +358 10 426 7162
Mob +358 50 966 7162
Email: maria.moukola@orion.fi
Web: www.orion.fi


Website: www.particle.dk

PARTICLE ANALYTICAL is a FDA registered GMP contract laboratory devoted to supporting the pharmaceutical industry within the field of particle science. We are experts within method development and validation as well as routine analysis and all work is carried out according to cGMP. We welcome long term contracts as well as single analysis. Among our techniques is laser diffraction for size distribution, dynamic light scattering for concentrated nanodispersions, mercury porosimetry, SEM, microscopy with digital image analysis for size/shape analysis, and BET as well as air permeability for surface area measurements.

Particle Analytical ApS
Agern Allé 3
DK-2970 Hørsholm

email: info@particle.dk
Tel: +45 4576 3060
Fax: +45 4576 3056

Patheon Inc.

Website: www.PATHEON.com

Patheon Inc. is a leading global provider of contract development and manufacturing services to the global pharmaceutical industry. The company’s services range from preclinical development through commercial manufacturing of a full array of dosage forms including parenteral, solid, semi-solid and liquid forms. Patheon uses many innovative technologies including single-use disposables, Liquid-Filled Hard Capsules and a variety of modified release technologies. Its comprehensive range of fully integrated Pharmaceutical Development Services includes pre-formulation, formulation, analytical development, clinical manufacturing, scale-up and commercialization. Patheon, with its integrated network, strives to ensure that customer products can be launched with confidence anywhere in the world.

Contact Details:
Paul Turner
Senior Director of Business Development Europe & Asia-Pacific
Patheon International AG
Lindenstrasse 14
6340 Baar , Switzerland
Tel: +41 41 766 25 80
Fax: +41 41 766 25 81
e-mail: paul.turner@patheon.com

Laboratoria Smeet

Website: http://www.labosmeets.be/intro.php

Laboratoria Smeets - Contract Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Powders

Formulation, mixing and packaging of pharmaceutical powders

Our core capbilities are powder formulation and mixing. Our end-products are sachets of powders, containers (glass and plastic) of powders and the filling of powders in bags.

New technology for API solubility and bioavailability. Continuous production of water-soluble granules via twin screw granulation :

Labo Smeets has developed, in collaboration with Ghent University, a technique to produce water-soluble granules containing poorly water soluble drugs of Class II (poorly soluble, highly permeable) or Class IV (poorly soluble, poorly permeable) of the Bio Classification System (BCS). The faster release of the API often results in an improved bioavailability and consequently a decreased intake of API to obtain the same clinical effect.

Website: www.labosmeets.com
Email: Jefverplaetse@labosmeets.be
Mobile :+32488282422

Jubilant HollisterStier

Website: jublhs.com

Jubilant HollisterStier Contract Manufacturing & Services is a global manufacturing service provider, able to aseptically fill liquid, lyophilized, semi-solid and solid dosage forms in our facilities across North America and India. Jubilant HollisterStier represents the CMOs formally branded as HollisterStier Contract Manufacturing and Draxis Pharma, as well as non-branded solid dosage sites in Maryland and India. Our facilities provide specialized manufacturing services for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

Quality is part of Jubilant HollisterStier's corporate culture and is held to a high standard throughout our facilities. We provide a full-range of support and services to streamline the manufacturing process such as on-site assistance from process qualifications and regulatory submittals through product release. Lyophilization-Regulatory Excellence-Project Management-Clinical to Commercial-Sterile Injectables-Solids and Semi-Solids-Ophthalmics


F.I.S. , since 1957, source of APIs and cGMP intermediates for the Pharma industry. With ca. 1700 m3 capacity and FDA inspected since 1964, FIS offers seamless integrated services from R&D, via KiloLab and Pilot Plant, to full-scale production. Commercial-scale capacity is available for APIs that can be manufactured onto multipurpose plants and for APIs that require dedicated lines and/or buildings such as: Controlled substances, High Potent APIs (anticancers and Steroids), antibacterials.

FIS’ Strenghts:

  • Excellent and Fast Execution of Process Implementation & Development
  • Ready-to-go APIs (RightFirstTime, OnTimeInFull, etc..)
  • Flexible and Reliable European Supplier
  • Cost-competitive
  • HSE & QA outstanding track-record


Website: www.wockhardt.co.uk

Wockhardt – Delivering Extraordinary Service Everyday
Talk to the Wockhardt team ......
From development to high-volume commercial manufacture, we utilise more than 25 years of contract manufacturing experience to ensure your product is professionally managed all the way to market. From biotechnology start-ups to leading global pharmaceutical companies, Wockhardt is ideally placed to meet your needs. We offer a Full Turnkey Service and our focus is to consistently meet your global manufacturing requirements.
Why partner with Wockhardt?
We base our client relationships on a partnership principal and with a proven ability to manage long-term supply contracts, we’ll work diligently to exceed your expectations.
Sanjeev Gulati, Head of Contract Manufacturing Services
Wockhardt Ltd
Ash Road North, Wrexham Industrial Estate
Wrexham, LL13 9UF, U.K.
Tel: +44 (0)1978 661261
e-mail: knowhow@wockhardt.com
Web address: www.wockhardt.co.uk