Conference Agenda Day One: 21st September 2011


09.00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Air Commodore Garry Porter
Former Assistant Director Transformation
Joint Air Power Competence Centre

09.10 Maritime Domain Awareness during Operation Unified Protector

  • An outline of mission parameters for Operation Unified Protector and the contributing nations
  • Assets utilised for maritime reconnaissance in the area of operations and methods of information sharing
  • Examples of successful interdictions over the past 6 months
  • Difficulties emerging from operations and steps being taken to improve domain awareness through greater communication

Vice Admiral Rinaldo Veri
Commander Allied Command, Naples

09.50 Priorities for US EUCOM: Assessment of Operations off the North Coast of Africa and Implications for Larger Information Sharing Efforts

  • An overview of US assets taking part in operations off the north coast of Africa and what lessons have been identified for ISR provision in a joint operations environment
  • Building the foundations for the next joint maritime operation: J2 perspective on how shared maritime domain awareness can be improved, and how EUCOM is looking to build towards this
  • What policy initiatives are needed to promote intelligence sharing across allied nations to improve the depth and breadth of information provision?

Rear Admiral Norman R Hayes
Director of Intelligence, Headquarters
United States European Command (J-2)

10.30 Organic Air Assets for the Italian Navy: Examination of Rotary Wing and Tactical UAV Requirements

  • Outline of current Italian Naval commitments and the ISR assets used to support these missions
  • The utility of Italian EH101 Merlin in recent Mediterranean operations, including Operation Unified Protector
  • Assessing the requirement for an organic, tactical level UAV to improve short range ISR provision

Commander Maurizio Loi
Commander of the 3rd Helicopter Squadron
Italian Navy


11.30 Manned and Unmanned Maritime Surveillance

  • A combined manned and unmanned approach to territorial or blue waters maritime surveillance
  • Stand-off multispectral surveillance from target detection to target identification
  • The manned platform-agnostic ATOS surveillance system
  • The unmanned Falco UAS for maritime surveillance role

C. Sardaro
Air Systems
Selex Galileo

C. Siardi
Selex Galileo

12.10 Maritime Surveillance in Norway:

  • Norwegian Special Mission Airborne Surveillance product for Maritime Surveillance – the SeaHunter 8000
  • Maritime Surveillance Operation - Combining requirements from Costal Administration, Coast Guard and Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies (NO FO)
  • Privatized operation, contracted to private AOC operator Sundt Air. Efficient multi mission surveillance using modern aircraft and surveillance equipment tailored to meet the challenging operation requirements in Norwegian waters.

Atle Holm
Product Manager Airborne Surveillance
Norwegian Special Mission

Ove Njøten
Senior engineer
Norwegian Costal Administration


13.40 Required Assets for Maritime ISR Provision in the Asian-Pacific

  • Outline of current assets utilised by the Philippines armed forces for ISR provision around the Philippines coast line
  • Existing capabilities gaps and urgent requirements to provide improved domain awareness
  • Planned avenues of procurement: UAVs, rotary wing, long-range patrol aircraft, radar and communication systems

Brigadier General Jesus V Lomeda Jr
Assistant Deputy Chief-of-Staff for Communications, Electronics and Information Systems (AJ6)
Armed Forces of the Philippines

14.20 Operations around the Philippines Archipelago and Beyond: Feedback from the Philippines Fleet

  • Assessment of threats facing the Philippine’s extensive coastline: Piracy, Terrorism, Smuggling, Disaster and Illegal Fishing
  • How interagency cooperation is currently, and will continue, to assist in the pursuit of complete maritime domain awareness
  • Lessons learned from recent operations, both domestic and international

Rear Admiral Jose Luis Alano
Commander of the Philippine Fleet
Philippine Navy

15.00 Supporting Maritime Domain Awareness Through Inter-Agency Cooperation

  • Methods and structures for removing bottlenecks and improving communication flow between agencies
  • Outline of current projects being undertaken at the N ational Maritime Intelligence Centre and best practise for dealing with operational realities
  • The difficulty in making information interoperable, actable and searchable in real time
  • Beyond the armed forces of the United States: Promoting partnerships with other nations

Captain Jose Nieves
Deputy Director
National Maritime Intelligence Centre


16.10 Large Area Over-Water Surveillance using HD EOIR

  • Requirements for Large Area Surveillance (LAOWS)
  • Sensors and tools for LAOWS
  • Actual videos of LAOWS and Detection/Recognition/ Identification of Targets
  • Anti Piracy Operation Atalanta Challenges

George J. DeCock
Director, Int’l EO /IR Sensors
L-3 Wescam

Luc Audoore
AGSR Operations Manager
CAE Aviation

16.50 The Future of Maritime ISR for the UK Armed Force: Life after Nimrod 4

  • Outline of the Nimrod 4 programme and the planned capability enhancement it was to provide over existing assets
  • Breaking down the required ISR capability into its component parts: What capabilities are priorities for the UK?
  • How will the immediate shortfalls in maritime ISR provision be met over the next 2-5 years
  • Can unmanned systems provide adequate flexibility to operate as the primary ISR providers in the maritime environment

Wing Commander Gary Soul
Capability Underwater Fixed Wing

17.30 Outsourced Services for Maritime Surveillance and Reconnaissance

  • Airborne ISR - domain, market segments and value chain
  • ISR turnkey solutions according to customer requirements and budget
  • Customer benefits from industry participation in ISR operations

Achim Leukel
Senior Manager Service Concepts