ISIC 2012 Confirmed Speakers

  • Kshemendra Paul
    Program Manager, Information Sharing Environment
    Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)
  • Charlton T. Howard
    Chief, Intelligence & Information Sharing
    Naval Criminal Investigative Service
  • Robert Arbetter
    National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)
    Expeditionary Architecture Program Office under Acquisition
  • Roy W. Fox
    Director Integration, Synchronization, and
    Analysis/ Requirements Determination Directorates
    U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence
  • Col John D. Adams
    Director of Intelligence
    Chief of Staff, Intelligence, USMC
  • James Chaparro
    Assistant Director for Intelligence
    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • Michael P. Downing
    Deputy Chief, Commanding Officer
    Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau
    Los Angeles Police Department
  • James E. Shircliffe Jr.
    Counterintelligence Division
    Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Welcome to IDGA’s Intelligence Sharing Across the Intelligence Community (ISIC) Summit - Technologies and strategies for creating a collaborative intelligence environment!

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The IC (Intelligence Community) is undergoing a paradigm shift. Its future will be one where intelligence sharing and data integration occur seamlessly, efficiently, and securely. The IC, however, has a handful of challenges to master in making this collaborative environment a reality. Information sharing through trusted collaboration is the most effective way to deliver timely, objective and actionable intelligence, but serious gaps continue to exist and hinder the IC’s efforts.

Since the terror attacks of 9/11, intelligence agencies have embraced the idea that information sharing is critical to their ability to carry out their missions. They have made great strides since then, and many now boast sophisticated intra- and inter-agency information sharing programs. However, a fully functional collaborative, information sharing environment has yet to be effectively implemented, as noted in the February 2011 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report on “high risk” government programs.

Now more than ever, our nation’s leaders turn to the IC to support them in their decisions. The success of our government’s policies and plans hinges on whether the IC can successfully leverage its intelligence processing capabilities via sharing.

IDGA’s Intelligence Sharing Across the Intelligence Community (ISIC) Summit will provide organizations with exposure to the experts that will enable them to enhance cooperation, decision makers shaping future collaborative efforts, and innovators delivering technology that will make those efforts a reality.

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Presentations and workshops at ISIC 2012 will highlight:

  • The benefits and limitations of various intelligence training methods – including discussion on cloud computing, virtualization and thin desktops
  • Barriers to system and network interoperability between agencies
  • The most up to date standards and protocols within the intelligence community
  • New approaches in the utilization of cloud computing
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