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  • Q&A with Vice Admiral Kendall L. Card: Information Dominance and the US Navy’s Network Enabled ISR Efforts
    Check out IDGA's exclusive Q&A with Vice Admiral Kendall L. Card, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance and Director of Naval Intelligence. The Q&A discusses convergence within network enabled operations, and the Navy's modernization efforts in this sphere.
  • Build for today, but design for tomorrow
    In the following interview LTC Dean M Hoffman (US Army) explains what is meant by ‘transitioning aerial layer from Niche to Reconfigurable’. IDGA’s @DefenseInsider, Chris Archer also investigates the ISR mission sets for the US Army, and LTC Hoffman provides us with an update on the current status of the EMARSS asset.
  • Deploying the Cloud to Provide Cutting Edge Capabilities for America’s Warfighters
    IDGA’s @DefenseInsider investigates the use of the ‘Cloud’ for ISR Capabilities. This interview features Colonel Charles Wells, Program Manager, Distributed Common Ground Systems, PEO IEWS, US Army. The interview examines the current progress of the Army’s DCGS-A Version 3 Cloud Node program, the challenges being met, and the focus of the next six to twelve months.
  • Spotlight on the ISR Task Force
    Chris Archer, IDGA’s @DefenseInsider spoke with Marine Colonel Anne Weinberg, Division Chief, Exploitation and Collaboration Division from the ISR Task Force, USDI. This interview explores the move from platform centric stovepipes to a knowledge centric fusion of intelligence, as well as highlighting the main challenges accommodating this move.
  • Interview: What You Need to Know About Network-Centric Warfare: An Interview with Dr. Gil ad Ariely
    Network-centric warfare has drawn growing attention in the last decade. We asked Dr. Gil ad Ariely, an expert on military knowledge development, about the development of the network-centric concept and its impact.




  • Non-Traditional ISR (NTISR)
    By: Lieutenant Colonel John Morse, ISR Collection Capabilities Branch, U.S. Air Force
  • Italian Air Force Surveillance And Reconnaissance
    By: Colonel Vincenzo Sicuso COE UAS Italian Air Force
  • German Reconnaissance Assets in Theatre
    By: Lt. Col. Eberhard Knoelker, Euro Hawk Programme Manager, Air Staff, German Luftwaffe
  • Irregular Warfare ISR with Col Anne Weinberg
    Col Anne Weinberg, USMC is the Operations Integration IPT Lead for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Intelligence). At IDGA's Irregular Warfare conference that was held in Washington DC in May 2010 she discusses ISR challenges and solutions in today's…
  • INTEL challenges in Afghanistan with Dr. Alon Ben-Meir
    Dr. Alon Ben-Meir, a Senior Fellow at New York University's Center for Global Affairs who also holds a doctorate in international relations from Oxford University, discusses the primary difficulties in collecting timely and reliable INTEL in Afghanistan. He discusses current methods and...
  • USAF Demonstrates the Groundbreaking Realities of Future Micro Air Vehicles
    Micro Air Vehicles development and planning is a dynamic process for the US Air Force Research Lab. Theoretical 'sensor' and 'shooter' operational roles are expanding at unforeseen rates. Likewise, the vision set out for 2015 and 2030 by AFRL examines ground breaking technologies that focus on bird size and insect size platforms - and attempts to bring drawing board concepts to life.