Summit Day Two: Wednesday March 28, 2012

7:30am Registration & Coffee

8:30am Chairperson’s Welcome & Opening Remarks

8:45am G-2 KEYNOTE: Enhanced Cooperation through Content and Organizational Integration

Lynn Schnurr
Army Intelligence Chief Information Officer for the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2 (DCS, G-2) and Director of the Intelligence
Community Information Management Directorate

9:30am FBI KEYNOTE: Building Interagency Teams: Hard Lessons Learned

  • Operational vs. analytic teams
  • Forming and sustaining the team
  • Balancing effectiveness and manageability against inclusivity

James E. Shircliffe Jr.
Counterintelligence Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Chairman
National Intelligence Council/ Science and Technology Intelligence Community/Research
Development, and Acquisition Working Group

10:15am Networking Break

11:00am IC AND LAW ENFORCEMENT INTEGRATION: The Role of Local Law Enforcement in IC Counter Terror Efforts

  • Increasing threat of domestic terrorism – why law enforcement is critical
  • Institutional barriers to law enforcement IC integration
  • Local knowledge – how the IC can access and analyze law enforcement gathered intelligence

Michael P. Downing
Deputy Chief Commanding Officer
Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau
Los Angeles Police Department

11:45am IC AND LAW ENFORCEMENT INTEGRATION: Bridging the IC-Local Law Enforcement Information Sharing Gap

  • Limitations of current sharing protocols
  • Bringing in law enforcement into the IC sharing loop
  • How the IC can benefit from law enforcement intelligence efforts

Cathy Lanier
Chief of Police of the Metropolitan Police Department
District of Columbia

12:30pm Lunch

1:30pm ICE PERSPECTIVE: An Integrated Approach to Combating Transnational Organized Crime

  • How transnational criminal organizations exploit seams and gaps.
  • Leveraging IC and law enforcement capabilities to address common threats.
  • Addressing systemic vulnerabilities through enhanced intelligence efforts.

James Chaparro
Assistant Director for Intelligence
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

2:15pm Transnational Terror Information Networks - Meeting Threats via Collaboration

  • The structure of terrorist information networks – how do they share information?
  • Staying ahead of evolving terrorist information sharing capabilities
  • Understanding the cooperative approach to effective transnational terror intelligence

Dr. Daniel Mabrey
Executive Director, Institute for the Study of Violent Groups
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice in the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences at the University of New Haven

3:00pm Networking Break

3:45pm Intelligence Sharing In A Growing Hostile Environment

  • The Role of Traditional Current Intelligence
  • The Role of Scientific and Technical Intelligence Threat Analysis
  • The Role of Technology Protection
  • Arming Ourselves for the Mobile Environment

Richard A. Russell
Senior National Intelligence Service Deputy G-2
Army Material Command (AMC)

5:15pm End of Summit