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GIS in Mining & Exploration
Capitalising on the Benefits of GIS Software, Managing Mining & Exploration Data and Gaining Company Buy-In
September 23 - 25, 2008 · Mercure Hotel, Brisbane, QLD


Why is IQPC’s GIS in Mining & Exploration Event Taking Place?

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The use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a powerful tool and is gathering momentum in the mining industry. Of particular interest is the GIS capability to integrate communications across departments and mine sites. GIS technology must constantly evolve to meet the changing needs of the mining industry, both in Exploration and mining terms. The question remains, is the mining industry ready for these changes? Are you ready for what this technology has to offer?

Who are the Top Speakers at GIS in Mining & Exploration

What can you Gain by Attending this GIS in Mining & Exploration 2008?

In today’s complex and competitive environment, GIS offers multiple applications in the mining industry with tools to gather, compile, process, display, analyse, and archive extensive volumes of data. A well designed, implemented, and supported GIS management structure is critical in the success of your mining operation.

Therefore, at IQPC’s GIS in Mining & Exploration event you will have the opportunity to hear successful examples of mine sites that have implemented the GIS system and utilised GIS to receive maximum value. You will also get to hear about the future of the industry and the role GIS will play in the future of the mining industry, both in terms of exploration and mining Australia’s leading Mine GIS experts will gather together in Brisbane to discuss matters of mutual importance; about where the GIS is headed in the mining industry and what strategies both mine sites and exploration companies are using to follow its direction.

This is an event for the explorer, the geologist, who wants to gain further knowledge into the technical aspects, solutions and technologies of the mining geospatial world. Furthermore, this is a gathering of not just managers, but minds, who strive for change and forward-thinking in today’s Australia.

What Extra Features should You Look Out For at GIS in Mining & Exploration 2008?

Our exclusive Gold Package will enable you to increase your knowledge and minimise the risk of failure when implementing and developing your GIS system during exploration and mining and insure you fine tune tasks including:

How to Effectively Utilise and Extract Meaningful Information and Knowledge from Geospatial Data

  • Assess large amounts of data in a rapid and objective manner
  • Addressing SOM for a wide range of issues and problems
  • Assist in the analysis and interpretation of the increasing amounts of geoscientific data and information that are routinely gathered at mine sites
  • Predicting likely ground behaviour styles from incomplete data sets


Stephen Fraser

Stephen Fraser is the Principal Research Scientist and Exploration & Mining Spatial Data Analyst, CSIRO EXPLORATION & MINING

How to Implement and Capitalise on GIS Systems for your Mine Site

  • Achieve effective data management and processing
  • Constraints Analysis and Spatial Multi Criteria Analysis
  • Visibility Analysis and Visual Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Visualisation and 3D Modelling
  • Remote Sensing and Image Analysis


Gabor Vasarhelyi

Gabor Vasarhelyi, Senior Consultant, FOCUS GIS

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