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5th HR Shared Services Summit
Driving Efficiency and Innovation While Maximizing HR’s Value to the Business
December 8-10, 2008 · The Omni Hotel at CNN Center, Atlanta, GA


Conference Day One: Tuesday, December 9, 2008

8:00 Registration

8:45 Welcome And Opening Remarks By Chairperson

Barbara Levin
Senior Vice President of Marketing & Customer Community

9:00 Keynote: Gaining Executive Buy-In Through A Strong Value Proposition

What are the problems you’re really trying to solve? How do you develop a business case that clearly demonstrates how Shared Services will add value to your organization?

  • Creating and leveraging your VP to gain executive buy-in
  • Understand the value of your VP – How to articulate and sell it

John Blowers

9:45 What Are The Building Blocks For A Successful Transformation?

Shared Service is earning its place as a best practice in building an efficient HR department and many companies are adapting this structure and this calls for clarification on some key fundamental issues including:

  • What are the results you can expect – monetary, service effectiveness and customer satisfaction
  • Achieving measurable ROI realistically

Suzie Pack
HR Services Strategist

10:30 Morning Networking & Refreshment Break

11:00 Fostering A Seamless Collaboration Between Hr And Corporate Strategy By Leveraging Shared Services As A Business Partner

The Shared Services model allows for smoother and quicker transactions, allowing the HR focus to be broadened creating new opportunities for HR departments to deliver on areas outside the traditional role. Learn how to maximize on this opportunity by:

  • Redefining the role of HR Shared Service as key players in business processes to boost HR’s strategic impact within an organization
  • Aligning HR policies and procedures with corporate strategy to deliver the best service to your customers

Kevin Dobbins
Manager of Employee Services

11:45 Cornerstones Of Success: Building A Structure And Vision For Ss Learning & Development

  • How does learning & development fit in with shared services?
  • Steps to create a solid mission, vision, guiding principles and value proposition for the learning & development area.
  • Key challenges and successes bringing learning & development into the shared services function.
  • What does the future look like for shared services learning & development, and how does the vision drive that path?

Shazia McCormick
Manager of Global Learning & Development
Rockwell Automation

12:20 Networking Lunch

1:30 Adding Value To Your Hrss Through Effective Change Management

Shared Services is not easily defined as centralizing or decentralizing functions and responsibilities but can very often mean a balance between the two. Defining, managing and clearly communicating these new expectations are key in successful implementation and maintenance of the Shared Services model in your organization.

  • Proper preparation and effective communication tools and methods to minimize resistance
  • Identifying what factors you can control and manage to ensure a smooth transition
  • Clarification of Roles and Responsibilities for Accountability

Valerie Norton
Former VP of Talent Management
New York Life

2:15 Moving Beyond Fixing Yesterday’s Problems By Identifying And Preparing For The Expanding Scope Of Hrss

HR Shared Services is continuing to evolve presenting new areas for expansion and growth. What areas present the greatest opportunity? Where does your organization fit in with the projected growth model?

  • What areas will see the most growth in this space?
  • Planning and budgeting to offer the greatest potential for meeting future growth expectations

Cindi Besenspiler
VP of HR Shared Services
Acuity Brands

3:00 Mid-Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break

3:30 Case Study: Leveraging Next Generation Hr Shared Services/call Center Technology To Create A World Class Hr Shared Services Organization At Nissan North America

Hear the business case for how an effective HR Shared Services/Call Center supports HR Transformation and how integration with an employee portal – sharing a common HR knowledgebase – improves service rep ramp-up and response time, helps employees help themselves (“the best call is the one that’s never made”) and provides measurable ROI.

  • Increase first call resolution, accuracy and consistency – typically with fewer reps, allowing HR specialists to be redirected to other work
  • Speed CSR ramp-up time
Barbara Levin
Senior Vice President of Marketing & Customer Community
Dwain Stevens
Senior Manager of HR Services
Nissan North America

4:15 Maximizing Efficiency And Costeffectiveness By Answering The Pivotal Question – To Outsource Or Keep It In House?

Is outsourcing simply a solution to cost reduction – what else does it offer? How can you maximize on the full benefits of outsourcing? What new options will 2009 uncover? Explore some effective methods for addressing the cultural challenge.

  • Examining the objectives and reasoning of outsourcing beyond cost reduction
  • Managing quality amid cultural differences
  • Evaluating what to outsource
Michael Frayley
Managing Director
Craig Nelson

5:00 Close Of Main Conference Day One

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