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Automotive Biofuels
Intelligent use of 2nd generation biofuels - Optimising powertrain technology - Reducing CO2 emission to achieve sustainable mobility
September 9 - 11, 2008 · Hotel Berlin, Berlin, Germany



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A very good mix of topics and speakers
Olaf Six, Manufacturing Engineer, Adam Opel

This conference deals with the state-of-the-art and recent developments of biofuels especially for the automotive industry and with the legislation and policy drivers for biofuels. It is important to find the right strategy on which is the best biofuel to meet legislation requirements and is easiest for the optimisation for the engine. Several biofuels will be discussed, especially biofuels of the second generation. The challenges and also the risks will be addressed. Synthetic fuels will be compared in respect to their performance and their production capacity. But also biomethane and ethanol were investigated and will be discussed at the conference. A special highlight is the production process and the ideas to implement second generation biofuels into the infrastructure of today. Biofuels are different from fossil fuels in many terms. Therefore, the optimisation of powertrains for the current vehicle technology is an important task. The challenges and options of several biofuels will be discussed in depth. The concept of flexible fuel vehicles will be treated as well. Last but not least an outlook of the near future will be given: Is hydrogen the fuel beyond biofuel? What are the main tasks to be solved?

Successfully master the challenges regarding biofuels and beyond for the automotive industry:

  • Assess different biofuels such as ethanol, biodiesel and biomethane and hear about their environmental performance and their technical impact on the engine
  • Learn about flex-fuel vehicles and how to optimally improve the powertrain technology by adapting the injection system
  • Get an insight into end user experience with renewable diesel to successfully plan your future sustainability strategy
  • Evaluate different biofuel supply routes and conversion processes to optimally implement biofuels in the existing fuel supply infrastructure
  • Examine 2nd generation biofuels and their well-to-wheel performance to implement necessary adaptions within the powertrain


BioPower - The swedish biofuel experience


Kjell AC Bergström
CEO & President
GM Powertrain, Sweden

Conference advisor:


Prof. Norbert Metz
Engineering Firm Emitrade-Herrsching, Formerly Manager Energy and Environment
BMW AG, Germany

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