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X Will Mark the Spot Where You Once Sat, Unless...

  • Available knowledge will double in six years. Once products had a market life of 15 years. Now it's less than four. Keep up!
  • If you spend eight hours a day reading all the material directed at you, at the end of the year you'll be six months behind in your reading. Keep up!
  • More than ever, business survival and success require being compatible with a rapidly arriving and disruptive future. Keep up!
  • Learning is thinking with other people's ideas. Experience teaches us how to cut down on mistakes. But none of us has time for continuous trial-and-error learning. We must learn from others. Keep up!

Why Attend an IQPC Conference?

The Message Is Clear...

IQPC's conference producers have day-in, day-out working contact with experts and your peers. Our conferences are based on firsthand, intimate knowledge of what's going on in a specific subject, functional specialty or industry.

Further, we have working relationships (and media partnerships) with the Harvard Business Review, MIT's Sloan Management Review, and dozens of other niche-based publications. These relationships help us identify cutting-edge solutions that have significant value to participants.

We believe creative imitation of best practices is a sure-fire recipe for success and organized improvements. That's what benchmarking against the best is all about. If you're looking for the latest and the best in fail-safe techniques, tools, technologies and processes, look no further. Our authoritative, powerful conferences arm you with step-by-step methodologies that help you do your job better, in less time, and with far greater impact.

We continue to develop more functional-specific social media Web Sites to help YOU:

  • Stay in touch with the people you meet at a conference 24/7 and continuously connect with thousands of other peers
  • Pose questions to expert presenters long after the event has finished
  • Share knowledge/solutions with peers
  • Participate in mass collaboration efforts with your peers to solve very specific problems
  • Attend free webinars, download podcasts, and view content-rich short videos all year round on timely, relevant, subject-specific topics. Your learning never stops.

In short, you can tap into the collective wisdom of your peers worldwide. We are creating a new conference experience that's unmatched by rivals.

Each conference, seminar, briefing and webinar enables you to update your agenda for action with the latest findings from the field.

Reasons to attend an IQPC Conference

Your presenters are seasoned professionals who know firsthand what works and what doesn't work – Keep Up*

Proven and practical experience is the basis for every aspect of an IQPC conference (our speakers learned it the hard way, so you don't have to) – Keep Up*

You'll have a "once in a blue moon" opportunity to swap ideas with your peers from a wide variety of organizations – Keep Up*

You'll have ample time for one-on-one discussions that will inevitably lead to extended networking opportunities for sharing knowledge – Keep Up*

You'll learn through mini-case studies presented by front-line executives that compress years of meaningful experience into a systematic, well organized learning program – Keep Up*

You'll have an opportunity to participate in conference workshops that deliver "here's how-to-do-it" tips and techniques to help you implement innovation and improvement efforts – Keep Up*

You'll save the cost of the conference many times over by avoiding expensive trial-and-error learning and replacing it with proven recipes for success – Keep Up*

You'll be able to obtain a treasure trove of information critical to your job performance in the shortest possible time – Keep Up*

You'll be equipped with the thinking, knowledge and skills to get others in your organization to think about what must be done rather than just an act, react and administer – Keep Up*

You'll be able to stay in constant communication with the people you meet at an IQPC event via our social media portals and event sites – Keep Up*

(* Please note these are not all available on every program)

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An excellent tool for business, very interesting case studies, good knowledge sharing. Super event!


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