Advanced Therapies Manufacturing Strategy Digital 

Assess the current manufacturing landscape in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. What are the short and long term implications for advanced therapeutics development?

July 14 - 15, 2020 | Virtual Event

Unite Life Sciences' Story

Mission Statement

To provide a forum for stakeholders to hold solution-driven exchanges to overcome obstacles, drive therapeutic development, and identify and harness innovation to improve the life of the patient. 


To create a platform for stakeholders to impact positive change, and through consensus, dialogue and collaboration, contribute to the eradication of critical unmet medical need worldwide. 

New Format

After years of going to conferences and developing them, what we realize is that often, it’s not the content or the speaker quality,  but the format that doesn’t work. In a highly connected world, we want to create a forum for industry stakeholders and leaders to interact with each other in a manner that derives tangible takeaways to advance clinical development for truly life changing treatments, and gives participants valuable insight, strategies and relationships that cannot be found online or by staying home.

We are running on the idea that we can reintroduce a personal, humanistic dialogue to the live meeting experience (with no panels…).   

Unite Life Sciences offers a format that engages both audience and speaker and requires some thoughtful preparation, but no presentations (and definitely no panels). We do this by building a unique new format that has both scripted and candid interaction and dialogue built into the session model itself (which again, is not a panel). 

You’ll have to sit in or volunteer to lead the discussion, to see how it works (our core can only be made up of the most dynamic speakers to make this work, so get in touch if you fit the bill! ) … But here’s a picture

 In this dynamic new model, you will:

  • Participate with other industry stakeholders via interactive developmental think tanks on the biggest obstacles facing clinical development for biopharma. 
  • Invest in professional development (yours or your teams), address knowledge gaps, and gain cross-training on market pressures through hands-on workshops and experience building simulations.
  • Take part in problem-solving round tables and integrated working groups for true peer-to-peer, mentor-to-mentee and human—human dialogue around real time barriers to success