30-31 January, 2017
Hyatt Regency Johannesburg, South Africa

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Exhibiting Partner

Website: http://immergis.fr/

Immergis supports roads organisations with services for a complete network management: from data collection (survey), GIS data processing and database conception, to the analysis and assessment of the entire network.Immergis also offers a global network management and monitoring solution: Immergis Web, a Web GIS platform fully designed to meet the... Read More

Lombard Guarantee
Website: http://www.lombardins.com/our-business/lombard-guarantee/construction-gaurantees/

Lombard Guarantee, a division of Lombard Insurance Company Limited, is the largest construction guarantee provider in sub-Saharan Africa. Lombard Guarantee provides guarantee facilities for both local and international EPC and specialty contractors active in developing sub-Saharan infrastructure. Our facilities are structured favourably in terms of both pricing and securities and... Read More

Kansai Plascon
Website: http://www.plascon-industrial.co.za/

In 2012, the company formerly known as Plascon South Africa was renamed Kansai Plascon, after a merger with Japanese company Kansai Paint, the world's sixth largest coatings company. Currently Kansai Plascon is South Africa’s biggest coatings manufacturer and is particularly attractive to the road marking industry which we have serviced... Read More

Geosynthetics Partner

Bonar Natpet
Website: http://www.bonarnatpet.com/

“Bonar Natpet”, is a 50:50 Joint Venture (“JV”) between National Petrochemical Industrial Company, a Saudi Joint Stock company (“Natpet”) and Low & Bonar Technical Textiles Holding B.V. (a subsidiary of Low & Bonar Plc.), a private limited liability company incorporated in Netherlands (“Low & Bonar”), which has a leading position... Read More

Strategic Partner

Maurer SE
Website: http://www.maurer.eu/en.html

The MAURER AG is a leading specialist in mechanical engineering and steel construction with over 1,000 employees worldwide. The company is the market leader in the areas of structural protection systems, Structural bridge bearings, Bridge modular expansion joints, Anti-seismic devicesAnti-Vibration devicesMonitoring of bridge devices Among the most notable large projects are the entire technological... Read More