10th Innovative Aircraft Seating Conference

Tackling cost reduction/ improvements of passenger experience/ developments in seat design

Celebrating its 10th edition in 2019, the Innovative Aircraft Seating Conference has become the most established event in the market; a meeting point to facilitate exchange and networking while focusing on up-to-the-minute seating designs and developments around passenger experience.
Don´t miss the anniversary edition that brings together key-expert speakers representing Boeing,Airbus, Air France- KLM, Wizz Air, Air Asia, IATA, Flying Disabled /CAA, Paperclip Design, Expliseat, Safran, Style & Design, IFPL, Almadesign, Tangerine, TU Delft, Turkish Airlines, and many more.
For this year‘s anniversary edition, we have decided to extend the event program with an additional focus day, covering one of the hot topics in the industry - Additive Manufacturing. The leading institute in Additive Manufacturing, the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Additive Manufacturing Technologies, will present different metal and polymer AM-Technologies and their applications. More on the latest developments in this area will be discussed at the event in October. Don´t miss it!
Interested in maintaining a competitive advantage and gaining value through latest aircraft seating developments? Join the 10th-anniversary edition of the Innovative Aircraft Seating International Conference in Hamburg, Germany. Get ready to connect!

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Why attend? Novelties, networking sessions, and VIP lounge:

VIP Lounge for Airline Members Only

discuss with your peers about the challenges and innovations regarding seating and cabin design, repair, and maintenance


Enter the sustainable era with profitable new design & material trends


get insights about cutting edge concepts, merging markets, and cross industry seat designs, especially autonomous car seats


Enjoy our interactive sessions, round tables, workshops...to create new business opportunities


insights about connectivity solutions to enhance passenger experience & comfort, seat design, as well as repair & maintenance and enter the era of iCabins and smart seats

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