Download the Conference Agenda 2019!

IQPC's 10th International Conference Innovative Aircraft Seating is back this year from 14th – 17th October in Hamburg, Germany!

Confirmed speakers: Boeing, Airbus, Air France- KLM, Wizz Air, Air Asia IATA, Flying Disabled /CAA, Paperclip Design, Expliseat, Safran, Style & Design, IFPL, Almadesign, Tangerine, TU Delft, and many more to be announced soon. It will be a great event that brings together people from all parts of the industry. Don´t miss out!

Download the Conference Agenda here:

Agenda for the 10th International Innovative Aircraft Seating Conference 2019!

With rising fuel prices looming on the horizon, airlines have to continue reducing costs by further minimizing the weight of interior design.

Curious to find out what companies such as Air France, Airbus, Boeing, AirGo Design are doing to achieve that? Meet experts and exchange knowledge at the 10th International Innovative Aircraft Seating Conference taking place from 14 - 17 October 2019 in Hamburg, Germany.

Highlights of the conference include:

  • Overview and challenges of additive manufacturing technologies 
  • Preparation for HIC criteria and practical insights to improve seat safety
  • Light weight, perceived quality and comfort for all
  • Cost reduction and raising revenue through product life-cycle management
  • Analyzing passenger experience regarding design in detail