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Counter-Counterfeiters Part 1: Speakers Weigh In on Global Counterfeiting

Elisha Lawrence, AVP, Global Anti-Piracy & Content Security, ABS-CBN International, and Lian Yunze, Partner at Hylands Law Firm, both past speakers at the Summit, have years of experience combating counterfeiters in the US, China, Europe, and Middle East. They have shared their insights on the intersection of piracy and counterfeiting, and trans-national counterfeiting initiatives.

Counter-Counterfeiters Part 2: Speakers Weigh In on Global Counterfeiting

In the final installment of this exclusive two-part interview, Elisha Lawrence, AVP, Global Anti-Piracy & Content Security, ABS-CBN International, and Yunze Lian, Partner at Hylands Law Firm, continue the discussion, touching on global anti-counterfeiting strategies, counterfeiters' exponential ingenuity, and give tips on combating the gray market.

How to Get Priority from Government Agencies for your Counterfeit Targets

Ahead of this year’s 19th Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection Summit this September 27-29 in New York, New York, we spoke with David Bass, Deputy Attorney General, Financial Fraud and Special Prosecutions Unit at the California Department of Justice.  In our discussion he helps to he helps to uncover:

       Some of the top priorities government agencies look for when taking on a case

       The importance and ways in which to make your case ‘sexy’ for the prosecutors

       Best practices and techniques that law enforcement agencies and officers use for their own investigation and have perfected over time

How to Combat the eBay Fulfillment Warehouse (EFW)

Christopher Johnson is Partner at Johnson & Pham, LLP., discusses exactly what the eBay Fulfillment Warehouse (“EFW”) phenomenon is, and how it can be combatted. He also expands on the counterfeit ecosystem in the US, and how has it has evolved over time, and how to help stop foreign based counterfeiters from using local US warehouses to distribute counterfeit.

Best Practices for Protecting a Brand in China

Jason Yao, Senior Partner, Wan Hui Da Law Firm, China discusses;

  • The best practices for protecting a brand in China
  • Different approaches that would be taken for different targets for efficient resource allocation
  • The current counterfeit goods ecosystem in China - both for brands trying to sell and procure/manufacture goods from China
  • What a bigger challenge for brands is China- trademark infringements or manufacturing of counterfeits
  • Key challenges to pursuing an anti-counterfeiting and brand protection strategy in China
  • Success stories he has had when pursuing action against counterfeiters

Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection: A Delegates Point of View

Ever wanted to know what a delegate thought about an event before you attended? Now is your chance, Lisa Lovell, CEO and Co-Founder of Brand Enforcement attended out event in February and gave us her thoughts on what it was like attending our Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection Event. Take a look at her thoughts here.