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21st Century Theft: Brand Protection Strategies in the Digital Age

Past speaker Christopher Reed, Senior Counsel, Content Protection Policy at Fox Entertainment Group, covers contributing factors to growth of counterfeiting, payment processors as red flags, cooperative approaches to brand protection, and more in this past presentation.

Cutting-Edge Issues in Brand & Content Protection

Past speakers Justin Pierce, Partner at Venable, and Cynthia Tregillis, Senior Director, Brand Protection & Trademark Law at Western Digital, go into preventative measures for Border & Customs, the Dark Web, Grey Markets, and more in this past presentation.

Taking the Fight Against Fakes to the Internet

Ed Haddad, Vice President of Intellectual Property at New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc., discusses the differences between physical and internet goods that are counterfeit in this presentation from the September Anti-Counterfeiting event.

Brand Protection as Consumer Protection

Martin H. Nguyen, General Counsel, Action Sports, discusses the follwing topics in this past presentation; Comparing certified authentic product to non-certified counterfeits, obstacles and consumer objections to making the correct choices and possible interventions.

Security Management: Confronting the Insider

The definition, objectives and historic cases of insider threat are detailed in this past presentation by Lee Rosenberg who is Managing Director at Navigating Preparedness Associates. He also frames the discussion of understanding insider threat based on workforce factors, technology and global economy and strategies for mitigating and managing insider threat.

Risk, Risk Response & Risky Behavior

The key risks brands face in today's marketplace and their impacts, identifying strategies to mitigate against risk and knowing when enough is enough are the topics covered in this past presentation by Anna-Marie Norman, Head of Commercial Policing & Brand Protection at BSkyB.

The Risks of Doing Business in Communist, Red China

Camilla Herron, Global Head of Brand Protection at Monster Cable Products, lead one of the most hotly attended and contested presentations at the Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection event last January. Get a glimpse into the world of counterfeiting in China in her wildly popular past presentation.

Hitting the Sweet Spot, Cheap Fast & Easy IP Enforcement

Join Tim Walker, Sr. Global Manager of Brand Protection for GoPro as he shares best practices and experiences on setting up a cost effective, compliant and speedy worldwide grey market and counterfeit online enforcement program.

A Practical Guide to Understanding and Harnessing Disparate Resources To Develop Enforcement Solutions

Learn to bring together social media, Customs seizure notices, website sales and a host of other resources to take the fight back to the counterfeiters and more effectively use tools available to your advantage. A presentation by Angelo Mazza, President, IACC Foundation & Partner, IP Counsel at Gibney Anthony & Flaherty, LLP.

Protect Your Brand From Trademark Infringement

methods that will enable you to: Collaborate effectively with the above departments, better understand other department’s perspectives, as it relates to their respective agendas, requirements, obstacles, and goals - so you may in turn develop an AC&BP program all departments can embrace. Presented by Maral Behnam-Garcia, Trademark & Brand Protection Manager at SunPower Corporation, Kellie Myers, LCB, CCS, Legal and Compliance Administrator at Taylor Guitars and Chris Gibbins, Director of Global Brand Protection at Speck Products.

2017 Industry Experts Presentation Package

A package of presentations from some of the most well received speakers from our last summit. Including companies such as: GoPro, Lexmark, Gibney Anthony & Flaherty, LLP, SunPower Corporation, Speck Products, and more!

How Lexmark Curtailed Counterfeiting and Diversion By Creating A More Intelligent Supply Chain

Andrew Gardner, Worldwide Brand Protection Manager at Lexmark, discusses how end users (e.g., customers, investigators, law enforcement) can authenticate Lexmark-branded products worldwide in real-time, further increasing confidence in the brand, how it has expanded its serialization capabilities across all of the printer consumables it develops and sells, and more.