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IP PI: Ken Gamble and Fighting Counterfeiters in the Field

Past speaker Ken Gamble, Executive Chairman at Internet Fraud Watchdog, discusses his work enforcing IP rights in 3rd world countries, gives advice on effective relationships with local police, and goes into what brand owners need to keep in mind when looking to protect their brand.

Video Interview: Lou Ederer on Counterfeiting & Trademark Law

Lou Ederer, Partner and Head of the IP Department New York at Arnold & Porter, and past speaker at our summit, shares his insights and personal experiences relating to counterfeiters' use of the internet, details of trademark law within the fashion industry, and how companies can prevent breaches in their operations, in this in-depth video interview.

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Brand Protection in the Digital Age

Marc Payne, Owner of M Consulting, discusses a multi-disciplinary approach to brand protection in the digital age in this exclusive video interview. He explains how to identify, prioritize and score the biggest threats. 

New Products & Struggles on the Counterfeit Frontier

Motorola Mobility is constantly evolving and updating its products, which makes it all the more easy for counterfeiters to create fakes. In this interview, Bill Anderson, Senior Counsel, IP, Motorola Mobility, shares how he and his team investigate the potential new opportunities created by the advent of new products and technologies.

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A Multidisciplinary Approach: Fighting Counterfeiters on the Digital Landscape

As a retailer, New Balance is an easy counterfeit target. In this interview, Daniel McKinnon, General Counsel, IP, New Balance, discusses the brand's strategy for preventing, tracking and prosecuting counterfeiters. He also delves into what recourse the company has against Chinese companies who open knockoff retail stores, and more in this exclusive video interview.

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eBay's Best Defense Against Counterfeiters

In one of the most popular sessions at the Anti-Counterfeiting Summit, Michelle Fang, Associate General Counsel at eBay, explained the arsenal of tools right’s owners have to take down infringers. They can go after domain registries, file anonymous claims and utilize take down notifications, among other things.