Welcome to Anti-Icing for Wind Turbines 2017

Join us in Bremen for a focused two day event on anti-icing and de-icing techniques for wind turbine rotor blades.  Hear from leading researchers and senior operators on new technologies, lessons learned and the future of anti-icing.

  • Stress testing new developments in anti-icing strategies to determine the best fit for you

  • Retrofitting an ice detection system that decreases down time and installation

  • Minimizing time it takes to get your rotor blades up and running after down time

  • Getting an inside look at the first ice measurement study to bring the right data strategy back to your wind farms

  • Measuring potential down time and energy production loss in certain regions to help build a map of where to develop next and where to avoid

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Join this focussed knowledge exchange and discuss:

ice prevention

Reliable ice prevention techniques to avoid costly downtimes


Advanced de-icing and anti-icing systems to reduce damages and repairs

cold climate wind turbine

Evaluation of cold climate wind turbines for increased income at ice-prone sites

production gains

Cost-analysis, production gains and ROI for ice prevention systems

icing risk assessment

Impact of icing events and icing risk assessment to calculate risks and costs

In this IQPC networking event, expert presentations are followed by discussions and interactive sessions.
If you are interested in contributing, please contact Caroline.Berger@iqpc.de

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