Enercons Experiences in Operating Wind Turbines Under Icy Conditions

Katharina Roloff, Project Engineer at Enercon GmbH, did a presentation at last years Anti Icing event, on the topic of Enercon's experiences in operating wind turbines under icy conditions.

De-icing of Wind Turbines using Microwave Technology

This presentation by Kenth Johansson from SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, discusses new ways of de-icing wind turbines by using microwave technology and CNT coatings.

Operational Experiences and Challenges during Icing Conditions

How do Germany and Romania deal with icing on wind turbines? Dr. Thomas Burchhart from VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH gives a presentation on the experiences of the two European countries, putting an emphasis on risk and sensitivity analysis and analyses the reaction time in each case. Download the presentation to learn more.

Anti-icing and De-icing Technologies

Research on anti-icing and de-icing technologies

Presentation on "Ice-Throw Challenge"

Download the Presentation on "Ice-Throw Challenge" by Johannes Klappacher from Energiewerkstatt e.V. here for free: