June 26th- 28th, 2017 |
Los Angeles, California

Main Summit Day Two

9:00 am - 9:30 am Registration and Networking Breakfast

9:30 am - 9:45 am Chairperson's Day 1 Recap and Remarks

9:45 am - 10:30 am Social Media – The Chief Access Point for Pirated Content

In 2017, pirates are only a hashtag away from finding your content online, for free.  Users are willing to pay for content, but only if it is inexpensive and readily accessible.  If it’s not, a simple perusal of their social media platforms will have them enjoying your content online gratis. 

This session will:
­·Lay out how to remove infringing content from social media
·Track the movement away from torrent sites to content redistribution shared on social media
·Analyze why piracy via social media is increasingly socially acceptable
·Reflect on how to combat the rampant use of social media to seek out pirated content

10:30 am - 11:15 am Roundtable Discussion: Constructing Inclusive Anti-Piracy Alliances Across Piracy-Plagued Industries

Collaboration is key - collaboration, both internally and externally, amongst team members will give your organization the best shot at content protection.  This team should be comprised of skilled actors including providing many services like investigators, legal and law enforcement, computer forensics and intelligence analysts.  A team like this will allow the entity to compile the data (in the event of an incident) and make an informed decision. 

This session will:·Consider who can kick start the conversation and open the door  for cross-industry collaboration
·Contemplate which legal restrictions will slow down the process

11:15 am - 12:00 pm Big Data Analytics and the Future of Content on the Internet

Using big data to your advantage should be one of the sharpest tools in your kit.  By using analytics to track piracy, you can segment markets and gain a clearer understanding of an available ecosystem. 

This session will:·Outline the latest developments in relation to big data and associated analytics
·Teach you how you can learn more from the data available internally, externally, and the benefits of sharing big data

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Networking Luncheon

1:00 am - 1:45 am Measuring the Effectiveness of Notice Sending as the Leading Anti-Piracy Regime

Content owners are growing increasingly skeptical about the use of notice sending as an operative means of discontinuing copyright infringement.  Content bodies have long lobbied for greater punishments in lieu of implementation of alternative methods of deterrence, to no avail.  The Google Transparency Report tells us that 1 MM+ sites have been affected and 2.17B URLs have been removed, but what impact does enforcement have on search and traffic?  How does this inform enforcement strategy moving forward? 

This session will:
·Provide statistics detailing take down compliance success rates
·Address the need for  global cooperation to remedy the problem
·Consider alternative methods of deterrence

1:45 am - 2:30 am Piracy Case Law Year in Review – A Look Back at 2016 and a Look at What’s Coming Down the Pike

Case law precedent is developing in a favorable manner for rights holders.  Judgments are coming down across the globe in favor of copyright owners, shining a light on the criminality of piracy to the delight of those affected by copyright infringement.  

This session will:·Recap the most impactful cases from the last year
·Lay out the implications for facilitators, hosting providers and domain registrars
·Forecast and track pending cases:  Kodi and IPTV piracy

2:30 am - 3:15 am Regulatory Roundup – The Complex Relationship Between Regulations and Content Protection

Legislators have been attempting to thwart piracy via regulations for years.  However, history tells us that the pirates are unimpeded by regulation.  The crux of the problem is that the law is failing to keep up with the infringers who are adapting at lightning speed.  In addition, despite regulatory efforts, IP owners take issue with how to enforce their rights in practice.  This session will consider the gaps in the law and what can be done to fight back against piracy. 

This session will:·Teach you how to effectively communicate with regulators and manage expectations
-Provide you with the tools needed to review  your information security and data privacy plans to ensure proper compliance

3:15 am - 3:45 am Afternoon Networking Break

3:45 am - 4:30 am Publishers and Piracy in the Digital Age – Security Initiatives for Textbooks and E-Books

The publishing world is bearing witness to a seismic rise in online piracy.  As the industry struggles to address the root cause, the industry is looking to their counterparts in media to learn from their successes, such as site blocking and takedown notices. 

This session will:·Discuss subscriptions to cloud based solutions as the potential answer to widespread piracy
·Outline solutions other industries have enjoyed that may benefit the publishing community

8:00 am - 12:00 am Summit Concludes - See You In 2018!