June 26th- 28th, 2017 |
Los Angeles, California

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IQPC ID: Where the Anti-Pirates Parley

Your peers have weighed in: the Anti-Counterfeiting & Content Protection Summit exceeded expectations last time! As such, we’ve put together a brief preview – check out what, and whom, you can expect at the summit this year.

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Past Attendee Snapshot

Curious about who attended the last summit? We have you covered. From companies to job titles, here's a glance at some of the industry experts represented at last year's summit - many of whom you're likely to run into on the show floor this year.

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Seek and Destroy: An Anti-Pirate's Best Friend

Ahead of this year’s 8th Annual Anti-Piracy and Content Protection Summit on June 26-28 in Los Angeles, California, we sat down with experts Cyril Rickelton-Abdi, Sr. Director of Content Security at Turner Broadcasting System and Simon Brown, Director of Content Protection/Anti-Piracy at the Film ...

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Media Piracy In Emerging Economies

This nine-chapter report, put together by over 35 researchers, provides a window on digital convergence in emerging economies—a process for which piracy has been, with cell-phone use, arguably the lead application. It was made possible by support from the Ford Foundation and the Canadian International Development Research Centre.

Piratelytics: The Numbers Behind Global Media Theft

Piracy is growing, and we have the numbers to prove it. Aggregated from the TV, music, and film industries, this infographic paints a bleak picture of the present state of affairs. Take a look at the most comprehensive roundup of entertainment-industry piracy figures, and discover which of your peers are...

Q&A: Emerging Anti-Piracy Technologies

Spencer Stephens, EVP Chief Technology Officer of Sony Pictures must provide technology leadership across a wide range of platforms. He talks about the issues he faces in this interview. 

The Reality of Piracy in the Software Industry

Past summit speaker Keith Kupferschmid, General Counsel & SVP at SIIA Intellectual Property Protection, discusses corporate end-user enforcement, breaks down his take on internet enforcement, and delves into grey market enforcement issues in this past presentation.

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Piracy! And Why It's So Hard to Fight It

Piracy is a growing problem; file-sharing in North America has risen 44% since 2008, and is on the rise globally. This problem is exacerbated by a set of developing trends which make content owners look like villains when they seek redress for stolen content. We took a look at the...

Microsoft PlayReady: Premium Content Protection Strategies

Past summit speaker Andrew Jenks, Senior Program Manager, PlayReady Content Protection at Microsoft, discusses PlayReady hardware security evolutions, implementation options, governance programs, and more!

Square Enix: DRM Boosts Profits and Is Here to Stay

One of the world's largest gaming companies says DRM is a necessary part of doing business and isn't going away anytime soon. This is an interview with Adam Sullivan of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd., a Japanese video game developer, publisher and distribution company that is best known for its...

The Key to Collaboration Between In House & Outside Counsel

Has your firm been able to reach the peak of collaboration with its outside counsel? How does it manage international and cross border patent law? We interviewed a Senior Patent Counsel at GlaxoSmithKline who is an expert in outside counsel and international patent law.

Cryptocurrencies: Threats and Opportunities in Digital Media

Past summit speaker Dr. GJ van Rooyen, CEO of Custos Tech, shows what cryptocurrencies are and how pirates use them, how Bitcoin can be used to protect content, the trends, risks, and opportunities in the space, and more!

Homeland Security Investigations Curbing Illegal Streaming: The Investigation and the Case

Jim Hayes describes the three tiers of operation in HSI websites: Criminal Investigation Arrest, Seizure of Assets and Domain Name Seizure. These tiers have helped the agency prioritize how to identify and arrest owners and operators of the infringing websites, and more.

For Zynga, Anti-Piracy Efforts Aren’t Fun & Games

In this interview, Ted Hasse, Corporate Counsel IP at Zynga discusses the importance of cooperation between stakeholders in fighting digital piracy. He also shares his thoughts on the most prevalent deficiencies and barriers to copyright protection and some of the most recent developments in copyright protection.

How to Turn Pirates Into Consumers

Richard Atkinson, Adobe’s Director of Worldwide Anti-Piracy, is one of the industry’s foremost experts. During his lengthy career, Richard has led efforts to fight piracy, cyber-threats and cyber-warfare with the likes of Disney, Electronic Arts and Northrup Grumman.

Protecting Your Digital Supply Chain and Cloud Services

Dave Lewis, Director, Anti-Piracy Services, Microsoft Corporation, discusses the software company's program fraud detection, management and prevention using comprehensive global cross-discipline approaches and business intelligence.

Into the Future: International Copyright Law

Michael Schlesinger of Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp LLP, and a Professional Lecturer in Law at the George Washington University School of Law the four factors in Modern Protection: 1.) Economic (Trade)/Cultural Development 2.) Rule of Law 3.) Government Will and 4.)Accountability/Responsibility/Self-help.

Detection is the Key to Prevention

Strategies for protecting content against rapidly evolving piracy and cyber-attack threats are discussed in this interview with Ralph Echemendia, CEO of Red Edigital. Ralph also touches on how he determines where vulnerabilities lie in an organization’s content protection and distribution delivery systems and his thoughts on the future of content...

Content Protection: Understanding your peers' perspective

Andrew Jenks, Senior Program Manager, PlayReady Content Protection at Microsoft, explores the types of technological protective measures available to you, analyzes the most effective protective measures for your business, discusses the various devices used by infringers to circumvent, remove, or disable technologies used to protect content, and more!

Is on-demand streaming the answer to your piracy problems?

Some Content Owners are now making content more affordable and accessible through streaming. This is with the expectation that if content is easier to access piracy will be reduced. However, though this concept is logical, it appears that pirates are using this opportunity to increase their infringement efforts. A presentation...

Using Technology and the Law to Combat Piracy

explore how to develop an effective anti-piracy program that will work for your team, identify the different methods of going after infringers such as issuing take down notices, join forces with law enforcement etc. and explain how to identify these pirates. Presentation by Joel Schwarz, Senior Director, Global Internet and...

Strategies for Combating a Sea of Cyber Pirates

We reached out to Pascal Hetzscholdt, Principal Consultant at Cartesian, for more insight into:How businesses can shield critical data from budding cyber vulnerabilitiesCyber security technology like encryption tools, anonymization and the cloud that could help to improve cybersecurity programsWays to assess readiness for a cyber eventAnd the future of combatting...

5 Ways the Future of Combating Piracy Will Change

Case law precedent is developing in a favorable manner for rights holders. Judgments are coming down across the globe in favor of copyright owners, shining a light on the criminality of piracy to the delight of those affected by copyright infringement. One of this years Anti-Piracy & Content Protection Summit’s...

Vigilant Identification & Proactive Piracy Protection Methods

Finding proper methods of protecting content during the production, pre-release stages, and thereafter is becoming increasingly difficult as hacker and pirates alike are rapidly adapting to the perimeters put in place to keep them at bay. Cyril Rickelton-Abdi is the Sr. Director of Content Security at Turner Broadcasting System, and...