Middle East’s #1 Tourism, Attractions, Leisure & Entertainment Show

05 - 07 April, 2020 | Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

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Show Guide for Tourism, Attractions, Leisure and Entertainment 2020

TALE 2020 is MENA’s only attractions and entertainment event that connects leading developers, regulators, project owners, f ...


Testimonials - What our attendees had to say about the event

Our 4th edition of Theme Parks event in Dubai saw over 250 attendees from different sectors and regions. Watch this video to get a quick glimpse of what some of our attendees and partners had to say about the event.

Entertainment opportunities in Saudi Arabia

Watch this video to see what the attendees of our Theme Parks & Entertainment Development Forum had to say about the entertainment and leisure opportunities in Saudi Arabia.


Report - Saudi Vision 2030 and its Leisure and Attraction Goals

Each year, Saudi Arabians spend around $20 billion on recreation in other countries and the Saudi Arabian Government aims to encourage its populace to spend much more of that money domestically. This has encouraged a sea change across the country in terms of growing its blank page of an entertainment...

Investing in fun: Exploring the rapid development of Saudi Arabia's entertainment and leisure industry

Saudi Arabia is dynamically driving the creation of a revitalised and expanded leisure and entertainment industry. Download our report now to understand the key drivers behind this national and regional mega trend that represents investment opportunities worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Major projects explored include: The Red Sea Project,...


Power of Attractions, Leisure and Tourism Show

Download this infographic to see what exciting features you can look forward to at the event. You will also know which companies have already registered to take advantage of the massive opportunities in the leisure and entertainment space for UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Additional Information

The Power of the Theme Parks & Entertainment Development Forum

Want to see which organisations have been a part of our theme park event series in Dubai? Download this document to learn more!

Post-show Report - 4th Theme Parks and Entertainment Development Forum

Download your copy of the post-show report now to see which companies attended the last edition, testimonials from past attendees and sponsors and a preview of what to expect for the next edition so you can plan your attendance.


eBook - Attractions, Cultural Heritage, Leisure & Tourism Development in the Middle East

Download the complimentary e-book which highlights:Upcoming leisure and entertainment projects in the regionSignificance of promoting cultural tourism in the Middle EastSaudi Vision 2030 and its entertainment goalsExploring facts and figures for British museums


The pearls and pixels of Attraktion!

Attraktion!’s new Cinesplash 5D theater at Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi highlights the company’s innovation in creating next gen media-based attractions. Download this article now to learn more from Markus Beyr, CEO, Attraktion! GmbH.