Middle East’s #1 Cultural Tourism, Attractions, Leisure & Entertainment Show

05 - 07 April, 2020 | Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Benefit from continuous learning from our technical sessions

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Day 1: 23 October 

11:30  Integrating hi-tech, 3D and 360 degree surround-sound systems to deliver WOW live event experiences

Nigel Eckersall, Advisor, Azizi Developments

12:00 Integrated ticketing platforms to drive seamless experiences       

12:30 Temporary structures & adding new features to your fixed venue design

13:00 Securing licensing for eSport live tournaments

13:30 Technical theatre equipment: Integrating sound, communications, and AV operations

14:00 Digital signage and tech requirements to drive visitor experience

  • Chris Michaels, Digital Director, The National Gallery, London 

14:30 Optimising website performance to drive total visits, session times and conversion

  • Jennifer Suggitt, Head of Corporate Relations, The British Museum, London

15:00 Developing engaging digital signage by procuring new technology


Day 2: 24 October

11:30 User experience specifications to creating an engaging mobile app

12:00 Agency partnerships for creating loyalty and repeat visitor attendance

  • Melissa Jarvinen, Director Sales and Marketing, Novo Cinemas

12:30 Technical requirements to support immersive AR and VR experiences

13:00 Storytelling 101

  • Kristine Hibbs Head of Design, The Science Museum,

13:30 Asset tracking strategies to keep children safe

14:00 Creating the ultimate Intagram account

14:30 Incorporating family entertainment offerings to capture wider audiences

  • Karim ElGuanaini, Director Corporate Affairs and Sponsorships Destination Management, Miral

15:00 Understanding your visitor behavior to drive footfall



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