Lennard Otto

CEO IMG Worlds of Adventure

Overseeing the park’s strategic vision, direction and operational leadership, working to establish the attraction as one of the Middle East’s leading theme park destinations. Spearheading the park’s future development, with plans to expand on the existing attraction and to attract a global audience.

Conference Day One: Wednesday, 02 September 2020

Monday, April 6th, 2020

11:50 AM On-stage Debate: Is Online Entertainment & eCommerce Killing the Traditional Industry?

Consumers can shop, play and watch films from the comfort of their own homes, but is this killing the industry? Despite all the services such as Netflix and Amazon, consumers are still chasing the experience. 49% of Americans prefer in-store shopping rather than online and they spend 64% of their shopping cash in store compared to only 36% online. While online streaming services have great content, even Netflix’s Chief Executive remarked that cinemas have better-tasting popcorn. These facts prove that the brick-and-mortar industry is still generating great revenue and offering the best customer experience.

  • What are the current trends for consumers’ wants and needs?
  • Can online services compliment the traditional ways or will it always be war?
  • How can the brick-and-mortar industry ensure they stay relevant?

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