Australia' Only Conference Dedicated To  Mitigating & Managing Financial Crime, AML & Fraud

25 November, 2020 | Mercure Sydney Central, Sydney, NSW

Conference Day One: Tuesday, 18 February 2020

8:30 am - 9:00 am Coffee And Registration

9:00 am - 9:10 am Conference Opening

Nicole Biskop - President, ACFE Sydney Chapter

Nicole Biskop

ACFE Sydney Chapter

9:10 am - 9:50 am KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The Evolving Financial Crime And Regulatory Landscape

Sean Harverson - Senior Specialist- Policy, AUSTRAC
With AUSTRAC witnessing an increase in reported breaches, incidents, and suspicious activity, this opening session will set the scene for the main conference and identify the number one priorities businesses now need to be across: 

  • The value of reporting & disclosure: preparing a team and compliance framework to work alongside more embedded regulatory presence
  • Growing intelligence capabilities and joint initiatives to detect and disrupt money laundering and terrorism financing
  • Industry impacts of legislation and enforcement on information sharing, scrutiny, and external risk
  • Tackling awareness and readiness for new and incoming financial crime trends

Sean Harverson

Senior Specialist- Policy

9:50 am - 10:30 am Deutsche Bank: The Latest Anti-Fraud, Bribery & Corruption Risk Framework Recommendations

Hugh Logan - VP- Anti-Fraud, Bribery & Corruption APAC, Deutsche Bank
Context: Deutsche Bank has determined a number of risk related controls to refresh the policy, procedure, governance, and oversight around global risk assessments. This is to help organisations continue to manage preventative means of risk reduction, in line with digitalisation and vendor management.

Building on this work, Hugh will share the latest outcomes on:

1. Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC):
  • Evaluating the ABC Landscape in APAC for effective consideration of ramifications
  • Deutsche Bank’s 15 Markets and 15 work streams
2. Anti-Fraud:
  • Defining the Fraud Landscape in APAC to mobilise teams effectively
  • Latest recommendations for Fraud Management Frameworks to tackle new risks and inherent challenges

Hugh Logan

VP- Anti-Fraud, Bribery & Corruption APAC
Deutsche Bank

10:30 am - 11:00 am Speed Networking

11:00 am - 11:30 am Morning Tea

11:30 am - 12:00 pm A New Form Of Transaction Monitoring - Case Studies And Proof Points

Alexon Bell - Chief Product Officer, Quantexa
This session will explore exciting new practical applications and case studies for AI and machine learning techniques in Transaction Monitoring. These techniques have already passed model risk governance in Tier 1 banks and this presentation will detail the power of this approach.

Alexon Bell

Chief Product Officer

The lapse in updating death records in a company’s database has led to reputational damage, customer dissatisfaction, fraud and financial losses. While organizations strive to conduct KYC/AML identity verification across various sources to provide accurate, up to date and complete identity information, there had been a lack of readiness when it comes to a single source of truth on death checks.
With millions of death records accumulated over the years at an average of 6.593 deaths per 1000 people over the past 20 years, the banking royal commission has flagged organizations for charging “fees for no service” against the deceased. Furthermore, Australia Institute of Criminology (AIC) estimates the direct costs of identity crimes are at a minimum of $2.1B annually to individual victims, businesses and government agencies. Organized crime rings have sunk to new lows and has gone beyond targeting the living; deceased records are used to fraudulently open credit card accounts, apply for loans, apply for mobile phones, and collect tax returns.
The panel discusses reputational damage, and, financial and fraud threats on death abuse. Look forward to actionable insights on how you can declutter your database by using deceased status indicators to protect your organization and your customers’ loved ones against misuse of their data.

Claudine Lamond

Head of Determination (TCW) Targeting Criminal Wealth


Carol Chris

General Manager- ANZ


Rebecca Mallett

Financial Crimes Manager
QSuper Group

12:40 pm - 1:10 pm AMP’s Governance Overhaul To Improve End To End Visibility And Compliance Reporting PostRoyal Commission

Gary Calder - Head of Financial Crime Compliance, AMP Bank
Gary has been leading AMP’s first two lines of defence through a significant overhaul of their risk and control environment. The main piece has seen uplift in line 2 governance over the standards, procedures, technology, and processes managing risk in the current climate, especially in line with the huge change in regulatory pressure post royal commission. In this session Gary will speak to the development and outcomes in their recent compliance journey:

  • Step up the management of information flowing through Financial Crime and Compliance functions
  • Driving efficiency in controls to better track risks, incidents and breaches
  • Building up the internal capabilities of the team in line with technology and procedural frameworks
  • Streamline, standardise, and document processes with process owners to kickstart a proper conversation around the consistency of performance

Gary Calder

Head of Financial Crime Compliance
AMP Bank

1:10 pm - 2:10 pm Lunch Break

Interactive Discussion Groups
In this session you will have the opportunity to deep dive into two of the following topics. Each 45 minute rotation will be led by a subject matter expert- who will facilitate an opportunity to compare and contrast your experiences and thoughts with a small group of your peers.


2:10 pm - 3:40 pm Capitalising On Limited Resources Within Anti-Fraud Teams To Stay On Top Of Fin Crime Management And Compliance
Anthony Hale - Manager- Risk Investigations, Betfair Australia

Anthony Hale

Manager- Risk Investigations
Betfair Australia


2:10 pm - 3:40 pm Setting Up A Proactive Defence Against Digital Fraud Through Front End Fraud Detection & Identity Validation
Bronwyn Zelinksi - Head of Compliance, Auswide Bank

Bronwyn Zelinksi

Head of Compliance
Auswide Bank


Glenn Rowe - Manager Counter Fraud & Investigations, RACQ

Glenn Rowe

Manager Counter Fraud & Investigations

Group D

2:10 pm - 3:40 pm How Technology is shaping the fight against Fraud and what other measures can the industry take in order to keep up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape
Mathew Demetriou, ANZ Regional Director, GBG Demetriou - ANZ Regional Diector, GBG
Deric La - Fraud Consultant, GBG
The session will focus on:  
-    How can fraud solutions be better in addressing the challenges in the fraud landscape?
-    Does the solution meet the demands of your compliance program? 
-    What considerations should solution providers consider in their development of their product suite? 
-    Do you feel there are technological limitations in addressing the rising concern of synthetic IDs?

Mathew Demetriou, ANZ Regional Director, GBG Demetriou

ANZ Regional Diector


Deric La

Fraud Consultant

3:40 pm - 4:00 pm Afternoon Tea

4:00 pm - 4:30 pm Intelligence vs Compliance: Preventing financial crime while managing your key regulatory risks

Nick Armstrong - CEO & CO-Founder, Identitii
Intelligence vs Compliance: Preventing financial crime while managing your key regulatory risks
Banks and other reporting entities are operating in a fraught regulatory environment, with agencies like AUSTRAC far more willing to take on enforcement cases against businesses of all sizes. 
This in-depth session will explore the information you need to collect to ensure transactions are reported, financial crime threats are mitigated and regulatory enforcement risks are managed. Underlying Know Your Transaction (KYT) data is hard to find, often inaccurate and there is no single source of truth when facilitating cross-border transactions. Collecting and sharing this complex data also it adds another layer of regulatory risk.
Discussion topics will include:
• What is Know Your Transaction (KYT) compliance and how does it interact with KYC?
• Demystifying information across systems and message formats (e.g., MT202 COV) and the added complication of correspondent banking relationships.
• Will ISO 20022 make it any easier to report and satisfy regulators? 
• How can reporting entities avoid attracting added unwanted scrutiny from regulators?
• KYT information sharing: are you moving on from email and fax?
• Can blockchain make AML/CTF reporting easier?

Nick Armstrong

CEO & CO-Founder

The ecosystem is changing, and greater reliance on FinTech innovation is now a defining feature of an organisation’s ability to stay ahead of Financial Crime activity.

This closing session puts the latest innovators on stage to present quickfire presentations on solution use cases for the changing regulatory landscape and response to the future of financial crime:
  • Utilising emerging technology to redefine detection capabilities
  • How do you ensure you are trusted as a well as compliant?
  • Evolving capacity to respond to and mitigate cyber crime
  • Taking innovative ideas and products that can stand up in the real world, on the frontline

Anthony Stevens

CEO & Founder
6clicks (Risk Assessment & Compliance)


Guy Harrison

Founder & CTO

5:10 pm - 5:10 pm Conference Closing

Nicole Biskop - President, ACFE Sydney Chapter

Nicole Biskop

ACFE Sydney Chapter