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International Convention Centre, Sydney

Start Ups: Wednesday, 30 September 2020


Tam C. Nguyen, Deputy Director of Research at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne

Tam C. Nguyen

Deputy Director of Research
St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne

10:30 am - 11:00 am A Global View on How Corporates are Engaging with Startups

Understanding how corporates are dealing with change is important for any startup who wants to partner or collaborate. Market forces, management (re)structures, reprioritisation of strategies and competing short/long term demands are effecting the way corporates engage with their partners – as a startup it’s critical you are prepared to navigate through these challenges:

  • How are corporates behaving in an environment of change
  • The competing layers of the startup ecosystem
  • Observations on engaging with corporations

Anthony Johnston


11:10 am - 11:40 am Lessons Learned from Israel’s Successful Start Up Culture that can Evolve the Australian Healthcare Start Up Landscape

Israel has long been renowned as a hub for hightech innovation in healthcare, with an active investment scene and spinout-friendly research centres helping to push the country’s med tech sector to new heights. What are the secrets behind the outsized performance of Israeli med tech in recent years? Amandeep will share key characteristics that define Israel’s successfulstart up landscape and get you asking the right questions about:

  • Culture: In Israel, it’s every man for themselves, so people have more drive to improve. This, coupled with the country’s devotion to foster innovating at an early age, is key to embedding innovation in society
  • Funding and support: Israel handpicks creative minds at a young age and provide a start up grant to support entrepreneurship; it’s a loan they aren’t expected to pay back unless they make a profit
  • Talent: Many start ups will leave Australia for countries such as Israel that are renowned for med tech innovation. How can Australia build its reputation as an innovation hub while attracting and retaining top talent?
Dr Amandeep Hansra, Clinical Reference Lead at Australian Digital Health Agency

Dr Amandeep Hansra

Clinical Reference Lead
Australian Digital Health Agency

11:30 am - 12:00 pm INTERACTIVE SESSION - From Idea to MVP: Scaling a Health Tech Startup

This session explores the journey of scaling a health tech startup from idea to MVP. Taking a health tech to market has its many challenges from building product, growing a team, raising capital and securing healthcare customers. Manuri, CEO and founder of HealthMatch, a platform connecting patients with life-changing clinical trials, will share insights on what it takes to launch and begin to scale a health tech product in market.

This fireside chat will explore the HealthMatch journey including:
  • From idea to MVP
  • Launching product in the heatlhcare and pharma market
  • Overcoming the biggest challenges faced when scaling health tech
  • Raising capital to level up the business

Manuri Gunawardena

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Nicole McCallum, Head of Community at Tempus Partners

Nicole McCallum

Head of Community
Tempus Partners

Besides branding and positioning, commercial success is ultimately about pro-creation between the end user and start up. However, the healthcare industry is fundamentally not very agile, rigid or dynamic, making it challenging for start ups to collaborate with them. This panel will explore strategies for introducing new and disruptive technology to and improving engagement with end users, including:

  • Greater collaboration to align the product with expectations and get the right messaging across
  • Using change management and consumer engagement tools throughout the implementation process to help them integrate new technology into their environment
  • Educating clinicians to build trust and raise awareness around the benefits of the technology to help manage natural resistance to change
  • Balancing the needs and expectations between start ups and larger organisations to foster a collaborative and progressive partnership
Dr Nishanth Krishnananthan, Surgical Registrar at NSW Health

Dr Nishanth Krishnananthan

Surgical Registrar
NSW Health

Edwina Sharrock, Founder & Director at Birth Beat

Edwina Sharrock

Founder & Director
Birth Beat

Dr Annie McAuley

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sally-Ann Williams, Chief Executive Officer at Cicada Innovations

Sally-Ann Williams

Chief Executive Officer
Cicada Innovations

Dr Patrick Aouad, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Loxley Health Pty Ltd

Dr Patrick Aouad

Co-Founder and Managing Director
Loxley Health Pty Ltd

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm Top tips for Fast Tracking Your Healthcare Start Up into Commercialisation

Fast track your start up by knowing who, what, when and how to secure a large sum with an investor. Annie will share top tips for how she prepared and justified her business case to successfully secure $750,000 in funding.

Learn how to:
  • Choose the right investor is not just about the money: Ask yourself – can you work with them through the whole journey? Do you have an aligned goal?
  • Make sure you know your stuff! Engage a business coach to develop business acumen, build your network, do your own number crunching to map out the growth and potential value
  • Keep it simple stupid: Less is more for your business case
  • Forecast 5 years and beyond: It’s a challenge, but you need to think about it

Dr Annie McAuley

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Speaker TBD

Scale Investors

Whether it be word of mouth or brand advocacy, your first customer can help you grow your customer base, develop your product or service and accelerate your healthcare start up. This session will feature three 10-minute lightening talks based on key lessons learned in finding, securing and maintaining your “first customer”.

  • What did your start up offer that others didn’t, and why did you choose to implement that solution?
  • Being the early advocate or champion for something new is tough - what support do you suggest is necessary to get something implemented?
  • How important are your company’s teams and people in adapting to new technologies?
Edwina Sharrock, Founder & Director at Birth Beat

Edwina Sharrock

Founder & Director
Birth Beat

Dr Ken Apen

Director of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Hunter New England Local Health District

Danielle Owen Whitford, Chief Executive Officer at Pioneera

Danielle Owen Whitford

Chief Executive Officer

Jenna Leo, Chief Executive Officer at Home Care Heroes

Jenna Leo

Chief Executive Officer
Home Care Heroes

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm Ensure Successful Clinical Adoption with a Consumer-Centric Product or Service

It is important to allow user feedback to dictate the design and implementation of your product or service. Not only does it ensure customer centricity, it also ensures successful clinical adoption.

Learn how to:
  • Integrate user feedback into all stages of the design and implementation process to ensure it is customisable, relevant, fit-for-purpose and create a sense of ownership for clinicians
  • Balance expectations and acknowledge the time it will take for a clinician to fully adopt the tool in their day to day
  • Build trust through regular face to face consultations to help to alleviate the fear of new and disruptive technology
Laura Simmons, Chief Executive Officer at Theratrak

Laura Simmons

Chief Executive Officer

Melinda Webber

South West Kids Clinic

Talent is integral to any business sector. This couldn’t be more true of the startup ecocsystem where human intellectual capital is behind the delivery of the innovative high value products. This panel will discuss the good, the bad and the ugly and provide an opportunity to learn from our mistakes:

  • The power of word of mouth, being surrounded by like-minded people, tangible and intangible incentives for retention and the importance of company culture
  • Overcoming challenges around lack of resourcing, misaligned expectations, communicating that it’s a high risk high reward, finding people with a genuine interest in start ups and
  • Lessons learned from start ups at different stages of maturity, including the importance of keeping people engaged in a volatile environment and leading by example

Dr Rebecca Saunderson, Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer at Consentic

Dr Rebecca Saunderson

Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr Vijay Paul, Co-CEO at Vantari VR

Dr Vijay Paul

Vantari VR

Dr John MacLean, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Doclink

Dr John MacLean

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ross Chippendale, Global Head of Workplace Technology at Atlassian

Ross Chippendale

Global Head of Workplace Technology

Mathieu Bertrand

Chief Operating Officer
Home care Heroes

Sally-Ann Williams, Chief Executive Officer at Cicada Innovations

Sally-Ann Williams

Chief Executive Officer
Cicada Innovations

Dr Amandeep Hansra, Clinical Reference Lead at Australian Digital Health Agency

Dr Amandeep Hansra

Clinical Reference Lead
Australian Digital Health Agency

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm Step into the Clinician’s Shoes: Understand the Impact of Med Tech Solutions on Clinical Practices

Innovative solutions that threaten to disrupt status quo makes clinical adoption an ongoing challenge for start ups. Kean, who designed an innovative telehealth platform that is disrupting the patient provider paradigm, will discuss why it can be difficult to integrate your solution in healthcare to help you understand from the clinical.

Learn how to implement strategies to improve clinical workflow and adoption to enable this platform in light of the current environment and funding model while building awareness of the importance for clinicians to collaborate and procreate.
Dr Kean-Seng Lim, President at Australian Medical Association (NSW)

Dr Kean-Seng Lim

Australian Medical Association (NSW)

The pitch fest will feature 6 – 8 of the leading health start ups in Australia and New Zealand, battling it out to be crowned the ‘Healthcare Start Up of the Year’!

Anthony Johnston


Sally-Ann Williams, Chief Executive Officer at Cicada Innovations

Sally-Ann Williams

Chief Executive Officer
Cicada Innovations