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Creating Stress-Free Environments: The Five Biggest Health Facility Design & Development Trends

In late 2019 the team at AHW HQ released the newest Healthcare Week Report (if you missed it you can grab a copy here). The report found that as we move into the new decade the healthcare sector is experiencing a great deal of disruption. This disruption is driven by empowered consumers - change ...

Seven Steps to Reduce the Risk of Infectious Disease in Hospitals - Schneider Electric

Healthcare organizations face growing challenges related to infectious disease control. Although adherence to best practices such as frequent hand washing and the use of personal protective equipment are regarded as the leading weapons against infectious disease spread and hospital-acquired ...

The Australian Healthcare State of the Industry Report: Adapting to Forces of Change in 2020 and Beyond

The unprecedented emergence and impact of COVID-19 is putting immense strain on Australia’s hospitals and healthcare system. 2020 has been a year like no other, as healthcare leaders race to quickly mobilise the workforce to cope with this unprecedented health crisis, and adjust in real-time t ...

Embedding and Sustainably Scaling the Value of Telehealth Services in a Digital-First, Post-Pandemic Future

Australian Healthcare Week Digital (AHW Digital) in partnership with Advantech has compiled this report to explore the challenges with operationalising a sustainable, scalable and reliable telethealth capability. The report also features insights from AHW Digital’s webinar “The Role of Teleh ...

Lessons Learned from Designing, Building and Operating one of Australia's most Advanced Healthcare Facilities

It goes without saying, the bigger a project, the more complex it is, and hospitals, with their enormous budgets, multi-year timeframes and thousands of stakehol ...

Australian Healthcare Industry Market Report: Hospital Design, Technology and Talent

What are the trends driving patient experience in 2020? This report was compiled based on insights from over 100 Australian healthcare professionals and explores the major innovations, challenges and opportunities that will fundamentally transform healthcare and patient e ...

In the Spotlight with South Eastern Sydney LHD: Insights into the Strategic Planning & Investment Initiatives Supporting the Delivery of Care to Over 1 Million People

To manage this growth, and continue delivering superior healthcare to their residents, SESLHD engages a Strategy and Planning Team to inform all decision, prioritise investment areas and help fill service and capability gaps to ensure their Health Service e ...

Project Delivery Lessons Learned from Three of Australia’s Biggest Hospital Projects

Project delays, cost blowouts, poor stakeholder engagement and communication breakdowns are but a few of the problems faced in delivering any large-scale infrastructure project. With careful planning, clear communication, strategic stakeholder engagement i ...

New Maitland Hospital: Enabling Contemporary, Patient-Centric Healthcare

The NSW Government is investing $470 million in delivering the new Maitland Hospital, a leading facility that will help meet growing health service needs for the surrounding communities of the Hunter Valley now and into the future. The existing hospital in Maitland ...

Adelaide BioMed City: A $3.6b Hub For Healthcare Innovation and Economic Collaboration

When manufacturing began closing down in South Australia, especially automotive manufacturing, it left a void that needed filling. Struggling with higher unemployment rates and growing challenges ...

The Top Trends Driving Australia’s Healthcare Sector in 2019 and Beyond

While infrastructure projects and technological advancements will continue to revolutionise care delivery, patient experience and traditional workflows, with 2018 coming to a close what new trends are set to shape healthcare in 2019 and beyond?

The Great Debate: Who is the Client of the Hospital? The Patient, or the Clinician?

Who should healthcare facilities be designed for? The patient, or the clinician? This question is undoubtedly a stumbling block for many. While patient centricity, comfort and convenience is key to optimal care, if clinicians aren’t kept in mind thro ...

Presentation Packet | Health Facilities Design and Development 2020

Ahead of Australian Healthcare Week 2020, and the Health Facilities Design and Development Summit, we take a look at some of the most popular presentations from the 2019 show. Download our exclusive presentation packet to explore insights on:Innovative Design: using simu ...

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AHW Digital: Media Kit

AHW Digital is Australia’s largest online healthcare community, fostered by Australia’s largest healthcare event, Australian Healthcare Week. Representing the entire Australian healthcare industry, our mission is to provide tailored online learning and development opportunities and to drive continued industry collaboration across the entire healthcare sector. Get your copy of the...

How to Build and Maintain Better Client Relationships

Looking to streamline project delivery healthcare providers look to partners, like yourselves, to provide solutions, share expertise, deliver innovations and help overcome challenges.  While healthcare project investment and innovation is at an all-time high; driven by the enlightened and technologically savvy customer as well as by recent exposés into the...

Australian Healthcare Industry Market Report: Hospital Design, Technology and Talent - the Trends Driving Healthcare Investment in 2020 and Beyond

Ahead of Australian Healthcare Week 2020 we picked the brains of over 100 Australian healthcare professionals to learn more about the design, technology and talent trends they see driving patient experience innovation and investment priorities in 2020 and compiled them into our exclusive Market Outlook which will help your business...

Leveraging Applications & Smart Technologies to Optimise, Streamline and Revolutionise Care Delivery

Ahead of Australian Healthcare Week 2019 we take a look at the work platinum event sponsor Oneview has done in partnership with The Sydney Children’s Hospital Network, and delve into the benefits these innovative technologies are delivering to patients and their carers. 

Australian Healthcare Week 2019 Post Show Report

Download the Post Show Report to explore who attended, top projects conducted in 2019, attendee profile and breakdown, testimonials, industry partners, and our plans for 2020!

How Southern Cross Protection Secured a Partnership with the $1.1b Nepean Hospital Redevelopment Project

Most solution providers start with a single product and through experience they learn about customer need. Adding value to their existing products, they introduce new, but related products to the product line. For a long time it has been believed that bundling products with related services creates a solution. This...


How Can We Become More Efficient and Effective in the Delivery of Healthcare through New Technology?

In this interview, Steven Parish, Chief Information Officer & Executive Director Information and Infrastructure at Mater Health Services,  explores the new technologies being integrated across both international and Australian healthcare facilities and the design and integration challenges faced during the delivery process.

Designing Hospitals for the Future - Interview with Andy Black

In this video interview, Andy Black, Chair at Durrow explores: Some of the common pitfalls associated with old models of clinical organisation in hospitals. The strategies that can be used to reassess the clinical organisation of the hospital and the impact this will have on the design of future hospitals....

Bridging the Gap between Expectation and Satisfaction in the Aged Care Industry

In this interview, Stephen Thomas General Manager Quality & Innovation, JewishCare explores insight into how his organisation is curating a data-driven environment to manage and improve resident expectations and experience in a changing aged care environment.

Bendigo Hospital Project: Building a World-Class Digital Health Facility

In this interview, Bruce Winzar, Executive Director Information Services & Chief Information Officer at Bendigo Health, explores how the hospital went about going fully digital with minimal prototyping and the key success for successful digital transformation and operational effectiveness.

Exploring the Central Coast Local Health District’s Facilities Upgrade

Ahead of Australian Healthcare Week 2018 we caught up with Andrew Montague, CEO at the Central Coast Local Health District, who shares details of the Central Coast’s three new health facility projects, including the $360 million retrofit of Gosford Hospital. Andrew further delves into effective stakeholder engagement and strategies to...

Achieving improved business outcomes through the effective IT integration

In this video interview, Bruce Coller, Chief Information Officer at Sir Moses Montefiore Jewish Home explores:the steps his organisation is taking to revise their business model in the wake of government reform and changing consumer demandsThe tools they are using to mobilise and improve information collection to improve the patient...

Healthcare 2025: Understanding the Healthcare Technologies and Trends

In this interview, Nick Abrahams at Partner, Norton Rose and Futurist, explores the healthcare technologies and trends that will transform Australia’s healthcare system.

White Papers and Reports

A CEO perspective on the future provision of healthcare in Australia

In this report,  two CEOs in the NSW Healthcare sector share insights into the approaches they are each using to manage the increasing demand on systems to ensure quality provision of healthcare services now and in the years to come.

Extracting value from contracts in Healthcare Infrastructure Projects Insights from Queensland Health

David Sinclair is the Executive Director of The Capital and Asset Services Branch (CASB), which oversees the delivery of Queensland Health’s 2017-18 capital budget of almost $1 Billion whist managing its $15 Billion asset base.The primary focus for CASB is aligning the budget to consumer needs, whilst maintaining value for...

5 Major Trends Shaping the Delivery of Health Facilities

Ahead of Australian Healthcare Week 2018, we take a look at some of the key development projects currently underway across Australia and the challenges, strategies and solutions required to ensure successful project execution and completion.

Power Protection for Digital Medical Imaging and Diagnostic Equipment

Medical imaging and diagnostic equipment (MIDE) is increasingly being networked to Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS), Hospital Information Systems (HIS), and getting connected to the hospital intranet as well as the Internet. Failing to implement the necessary physical infrastructure can result in unexpected downtime, and...

How Employee Uniforms Can Improve Your Aged Care Facility

Did you know your employee uniforms can provide better care for aging Australians? Scrub uniform colours can improve visibility and entice different emotional and physical responses. Your employee uniforms should have specific colour schemes but should also be comfortable and stylish for your care workers. Here’s why employee uniforms can...

Understanding The Needs Of An Aging Population For Better Bathroom Design Outcome - Caroma Livewell

Living a good life longer (nearly a decade longer) is something to celebrate, with the majority ageing at home within their community. But statistically living longer can mean increasing disability with over a third of people experiencing mild or moderate disability as they age1. Although only one percent of Australians...

AHW Blog

Simulation creating efficiency at Mater

Simulation is an incredibly valuable activity when testing new processes, tools or designs, to determine functionality and usability. In May 2020, Mater Education created a prototype simulation on the newly designed endoscopy cleaning galley. Mater Education’s OptiSim team constructed a prototype room mirroring the new designed endoscopy cleaning galley, to...


Australian Healthcare Week Expo | View 2021 Program

The Australian Healthcare Week Expo is back in 2021, held on the 17-18 March at the ICC, Sydney!What's New in 2021?Bringing together the entire healthcare community together all under one roofThe chance to learn from a number of expert speakers from South Western Sydney Local Health District, Metro South Health,...


Digital Hospital 2.0 – It’s About Putting Patient and Employee Experience into the Mix to Humanise the “Zeros” and “Ones”

In this presentation from Digital Health 2019 Dave Waters, Executive Director – Workforce Services at Metro South Health explores;Extending digital hospital advantages with insights into both patients and employee experienceIdentifying positive correlations across datasets to further improved patient outcomes and people experience in pursuing the concept of outcome and voice...

The One Patient One Chart Strategy – How to Manage the Data and Your People to Ensure Business Continuity

In this presentation from Digital Health 2019 Ian Dunlop, eMEDs Change Manager at Western Sydney Local Health District explores;Replicating the one patient one chart strategy in your health service to significantly reduceRoll-out timeframes and facility wide disruptionReduce consequential risks to patient safety to maintain business as usualThe necessity for hybrid...

Japara Case Study: Customers Should Be At the Centre of Your Rebrand Strategy

In this presentation from the Aged Care Summit 2019 Wendy Waddell, Group Executive - Care & Commercial at Japara explores;Bringing all stakeholders along the journey to give them a sense of ownership and contribution to the end to end customer experience and help you to identify different market needs and...

Home Care Trial for Chronic Disease Management – Embracing a New Model of Care

In this presentation from the Aged Care Summit 2019 Kevin Bullen, Chief Medical Officer at Healius Ltd explores;Correctly funding patient-centred careThe main issues preventing engagement and patient numbers intended by GovernmentIf it will improve patient outcomesIf the GPs and other members of the Primary care team will embrace these changesWhat...

NEW BUILD: Big Bang is Just the Beginning Incremental Change to Make the Most of Your Building and Technology

The $1.76 Billion Fiona Stanley Hospital is one of the most digitally advanced hospitals in Australia. It continues to leverage and improve its infrastructure bit by bit to create fit-for-the-future facilities well after opening 3 years ago. In this presentation from AHW 2019 with Dr Hannah Seymour, Medical Director, Fiona...

BROWNFIELD: Top Tips for Developing a Strong Business Case with Reference to Brownfield Developments

With the pace of change, retrofitting is likely to become an increasingly powerful tool for future proofing our hospitals. In this presentation from AHW 2019 with Damian Gould, Chief Executive Officer, Building QLD, learn:What can you do to future proof a brownfield site – Caboolture, Logan and IpswichBuilding QLD’s approach...

Fast Track Your Attendance To Australian Healthcare Week 2020

Australian Healthcare Week 2020 | Fast Track Your Attendance

Want to fast track your attendance and be part of Australia's largest healthcare event? Simply download your copy of the registration form, fill in your details, then send it to

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From design to delivery: an inside look at Australia's first fully integrated digital hospital

St Stephen's Hospital Hervey Bay is Australia's first fully integrated digital hospital and a great example of how digital technology has been incorporated throughout all phases of a project. Partly funded by $47 million federal government grant, everything in the facility from x-rays to equipment monitoring in theatres will be...

Interview with Bruce Winzar, Executive Director Information Services & Chief Information Officer

In this interview, Bruce Winzar, Executive Director Information Services & Chief Information Officer at Bendigo Health, explores how the hospital went about going fully digital with minimal prototyping and the key success for successful digital transformation and operational effectiveness.

A glimpse into the St John of God Bendigo Hospital Redevelopment: Key lessons on delivering healthcare infrastructure projects on time and in budget

In tis case study, Alastair Greenall, Project Director of the St John of God Bendigo Hospital Redevelopment, explores how his team went about involving stakeholders in the early design phase and how this has helped to deliver a culture of change to deliver the project vision, and the lessons learned...

Workforce redesign in the wake of aged care reforms: how Southern Cross Care is focusing on healthy ageing to drive consumer engagement

In this article, Jo Boylan, Director of Operations at Southern Cross Care, shares insight into some of the strategies Southern Cross Care is using to reassess their workforce and current delivery model to transition to a more consumer-driven contemporary service.

Key design principals for digital hospitals Insights into the development of the world’s first digital hospital standard

In this article, Bronwyn Evans, CEO at Standards Australia explores the underlying principles of what a ‘digital hospital’ actually is, the core elements of the new Digital Hospitals Handbook and the impact it will have for the design, construction and commissioning of healthcare facilities in the future.

Rolling-out an integrated EHR system across multiple sites Key lessons from the South West Alliance of Rural Health’s EHR journey

In this article, Katharina Redford, Director Clinical & Corporate Information Systems, SWARH, explores the key lessons learned from SWARH’s EHR implementation journey to date and the processes they are adopting to align software design, data and workflows across multiple sites for improved efficiency. 

Interview: The Herston Quarter Redevelopment Project: Delivering a World-Class Health Precinct

In this interview transcript, Kate Copeland, Executive Director, Corporate Systems and Infrastructure Metro North Hospital and Health Service, outlines the project vision and delivery model, the current stage of the project and the lessons learned from the journey to date.

Delivering a tertiary teaching hospital as a PPP project Sunshine Coast University Hospital

In this article, Scott Lisle, Acting Chief Executive of Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, shares insight into the strategies used to ensure successful PPP project collaboration, the steps taken to ensure clinical buy-in in the process and the lessons learned from the journey to date.


Ahead of the Health Facilities Design and Development Summit taking place at Australian Healthcare Week 2018, Nicole explores Epworth Richmond’s master planning process and next stages, strategies used to manage redevelopment while operating a full capacity business in a residential zone and lessons learned from their journey to date.

Articles & Case Studies

Health and Your Security: Evolving Cyber Security Maturity in Healthcare

Ahead of the Digital Healthcare Summit and Australian Healthcare Week 2019 we take a look at Australian Cyber Security, with a key focus on My Health Record. We then explore how public concerns can be effectively addressed through new security measures, greater understanding and improved security and control of sensitive...

Overcoming Mounting Pressures: Meeting Modern Needs with Aged Care Innovations

Ahead of the Aged Care Summit and Australian Healthcare Week 2019 we look at the biggest challenges affecting Australian Aged Care providers and explore the innovative strategies being harnessed in a bid to ease the mounting pressure of an aging population and meet changing consumer expectations. 

Protecting Your Investment: Strategies to Future Proof Hospitals Against Obsolescence

Ahead of Australian Healthcare Week 2019 we discuss the concept of future proofing, and explore top strategies to protect against obsolescence through the lens of four Asia Pacific hospital projects.