10 Reasons Customer Experience Should Be The Focus Of Your Aged Care Organisation

Customer expectations around what it means to spend time in an aged care home are changing rapidly.

Customer experience – or how the customer perceives an interaction with the service provider at their premises is fast becoming a must-address capability in any aged care service provider. There is an increased perception that to remain competitive, aged care service providers – be they residential, home care, palliative, dementia care, providers all need to offer extra value and remain relevant.

While it was once the case that excellence in quality and effectiveness of the product or service provided was the point of differentiation from other providers, increasingly, that comparison is now also dependent on providing a holistic, seamless and modern experience - from the time they hear about the provider to the time they decide to engage with them after their interaction.

This whitepaper by Arinda explores 10 key ways you can improve customer experience in your organisations to deliver improved patient outcomes.

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