Articles & Case Studies

Creating Health Hubs of the Future: Seamlessly Integrating People, Technology and Care

Ahead of Health Facilities Design and Development and Australian Healthcare Week 2019 we chat to Yan Yan, Director, Hospital and Operations Planning at the WHC. In this article Yan shares with us the vision behind the WHC and delves into the technological and space planning innovations integrated within the Campus that are working together to create the heath hubs of the future. 

Health and Your Security: Evolving Cyber Security Maturity in Healthcare

Ahead of the Digital Healthcare Summit and Australian Healthcare Week 2019 we take a look at Australian Cyber Security, with a key focus on My Health Record. We then explore how public concerns can be effectively addressed through new security measures, greater understanding and improved security and control of sensitive health information, with tips and insight from the Australian Federal Police. 

Overcoming Mounting Pressures: Meeting Modern Needs with Aged Care Innovations

Ahead of the Aged Care Summit and Australian Healthcare Week 2019 we look at the biggest challenges affecting Australian Aged Care providers and explore the innovative strategies being harnessed in a bid to ease the mounting pressure of an aging population and meet changing consumer expectations. 

Protecting Your Investment: Strategies to Future Proof Hospitals Against Obsolescence

Ahead of Australian Healthcare Week 2019 we discuss the concept of future proofing, and explore top strategies to protect against obsolescence through the lens of four Asia Pacific hospital projects.