Digital Hospital 2.0 – It’s About Putting Patient and Employee Experience into the Mix to Humanise the “Zeros” and “Ones”

In this presentation from Digital Health 2019 Dave Waters, Executive Director – Workforce Services at Metro South Health explores;

  • Extending digital hospital advantages with insights into both patients and employee experience
  • Identifying positive correlations across datasets to further improved patient outcomes and people experience in pursuing the concept of outcome and voice optimised healthcare
  • Informing workforce decisions from recruitment to rostering to capability development to recognition and reward so we meet healthcare needs tomorrow or in a decade
  • Gaining insights into what staffing mix or training and development contribute to better patient outcomes and experience

The One Patient One Chart Strategy – How to Manage the Data and Your People to Ensure Business Continuity

In this presentation from Digital Health 2019 Ian Dunlop, eMEDs Change Manager at Western Sydney Local Health District explores;

  • Replicating the one patient one chart strategy in your health service to significantly reduce
  • Roll-out timeframes and facility wide disruption
  • Reduce consequential risks to patient safety to maintain business as usual
  • The necessity for hybrid medical records

Japara Case Study: Customers Should Be At the Centre of Your Rebrand Strategy

In this presentation from the Aged Care Summit 2019 Wendy Waddell, Group Executive - Care & Commercial at Japara explores;

  • Bringing all stakeholders along the journey to give them a sense of ownership and contribution to the end to end customer experience and help you to identify different market needs and understand how to meet them
  • Keeping the brand simple, consistent and understandable to all stakeholders because the brand should be a “lived” experience that engages staff and customers at every touch point
  • Keeping an open mind when you undergo a rebrand, to be brave and self-critical, be ready for change and have the evidence

Home Care Trial for Chronic Disease Management – Embracing a New Model of Care

In this presentation from the Aged Care Summit 2019 Kevin Bullen, Chief Medical Officer at Healius Ltd explores;

  • Correctly funding patient-centred care
  • The main issues preventing engagement and patient numbers intended by Government
  • If it will improve patient outcomes
  • If the GPs and other members of the Primary care team will embrace these changes
  • What the future holds for home care and patients with chronic disease

NEW BUILD: Big Bang is Just the Beginning Incremental Change to Make the Most of Your Building and Technology

The $1.76 Billion Fiona Stanley Hospital is one of the most digitally advanced hospitals in Australia. It continues to leverage and improve its infrastructure bit by bit to create fit-for-the-future facilities well after opening 3 years ago.

In this presentation from AHW 2019 with Dr Hannah Seymour, Medical Director, Fiona Stanley Hospital, learn:

  • How to use clinical workflows to prioritise investment and drive incremental improvements
  • How to adapt the choices we make when building or commissioning to get the most value from our investment
  • That no building is perfect when we go live – we must prioritise investment and manage expectations

BROWNFIELD: Top Tips for Developing a Strong Business Case with Reference to Brownfield Developments

With the pace of change, retrofitting is likely to become an increasingly powerful tool for future proofing our hospitals.

In this presentation from AHW 2019 with Damian Gould, Chief Executive Officer, Building QLD, learn:

  • What can you do to future proof a brownfield site – Caboolture, Logan and Ipswich
  • Building QLD’s approach to the next tranche of priority hospital development projects
  • Top tips for developing a strong business case for large scale redevelopments