A CEO perspective on the future provision of healthcare in Australia

In this report,  two CEOs in the NSW Healthcare sector share insights into the approaches they are each using to manage the increasing demand on systems to ensure quality provision of healthcare services now and in the years to come.

Embedding and Sustainably Scaling the Value of Telehealth Services in a Digital-First, Post-Pandemic Future

Australian Healthcare Week Digital (AHW Digital) in partnership with Advantech has compiled this report to explore the challenges with operationalising a sustainable, scalable and reliable telethealth capability. The report also features insights from AHW Digital’s webinar “The Role of Telehealth in Curbing The COVID-19 Pandemic”, which ran in April 2020 and was hosted by leading health practitioners. This paper captures their responses around preparing their workforce, practices and technology infrastructure by touching upon aspects such as:

  • How to identify, adopt and roll out successful telehealth models in a sustainable fashion
  • Preparing and up-skilling the healthcare workforce to confidently and effectively use new telehealth technology
  • Choosing the right systems: how can we best utilise existing online consultation platforms, as well as roll out new systems?
  • The major inhibitors stopping hospitals, facilities and medical practices from rolling out telehealth?
  • Specific examples from the panellists on how they are rolling out telehealth services in their own organisations