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How Southern Cross Protection Secured a Partnership with the $1.1b Nepean Hospital Redevelopment Project

Most solution providers start with a single product and through experience they learn about customer need. Adding value to their existing products, they introduce new, but related products to the product line. For a long time it has been believed that bundling products with related services creates a solution. This at best though makes for an interesting pitch.

A true solution provider will however never start with what they can sell, and instead looks at what they can solve. To truly provide a solution you need to look at customer needs holistically, understand market gaps, emerging trends and harness customer insights – especially with the recent uptick in customer expectations driven by the amount of choice available in the modern market. Ideally an effective solution provider will successfully address not just current challenges, but those hitherto unrecognised by their customer base.

Ahead of Australian Healthcare Week 2020 Ben Beville of Southern Cross Protection (SXP) chats to us about how SXP found a solution gap, and how they’re now working to deliver unique healthcare solutions that meet the growing challenge of combatting violence and aggression and improving hospital and health facility security.