Jennifer Holmes

Senior Program Manager Data and Informatics
NSW Ministry of Health

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Nursing and Midwifery Day Two: Thursday, 1 October 2020

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

12:30 PM Overcoming the Stigma of Substance Use to Maintain High Quality Patient-Centred Care for People Who Use Alcohol and Other Drugs

In the media, anything to do with drug use is negative. However, it is important to overcome stigma to ensure consistent quality of care for patients who use substances (alcohol and drugs). So how can we ensure that people with substance use issues aren’t neglected by the healthcare system?

Learn how to:
  • Drive better quality of care for patients with substance use issues through leadership and change management
  • Use data drawn from the electronic Medical record to shape a positive story/business case and shift preconceptions to ensure clinicians maintain high quality person-centred care to this vulnerable group
  • Help overcome the ingrained stigmatisation of this patient cohort and perpetrated by the media by building momentum and support to drive persistent incremental change from the bottom up

2:00 PM INTERACTIVE SESSION: Panel Discussion: How to Maintain the Human Element in Nursing & Midwifery Care in an Increasingly Digital Environment?

Some of the basics of nursing & midwifery care hasn’t changed, despite the changing digital environment. It’s important to remember that the critical basics of personal care are of equal or more importance to patients as digitallyadvanced experiences.

This panel will discuss:
  • Why technology should be seen as an enabler to assist better personal care; not as a replacement
  • How technology needs to be in harmony with hands on nursing
  • Patient-centric strategies for wellness, including net-promoter scores through weekly patient surveys that reports on the metrics of satisfaction and promotes individualised care