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25 May, 2021 | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (SGT) |Free Online Event

Mitigating the Risk and Accelerating the ISO 20022 Migration to Achieve a Seamless real-time, High-value and Cross-border Payment Journey

ISO20022 will create a common language for payments data across the globe, standardising a new data model that will yield efficiencies and improvements in customer experience. Commercial banks will become more flexible and realise longheld ambitions for Straight Through Processing (STP). However, they must embark on extensive change programmes to achieve compliance.

In more than 70 countries, ISO 20022 is replacing existing domestic or legacy payments messaging formats. With all reserve currencies preferring ISO 20022 standards, it is estimated that within the next 5 years, over 80% of high-value payments will be based on these standards.


speaker name

Kandengath Manikandan

Head of Cards & Payments

Expleo Solutions Limited

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George Stein

Business Development Director



Are you ready to embark on the Migration journey and capitalise on the opportunities presented by ISO 20022?
Join us on 25 May 2021 to learn more about the global ISO 20022 migration approach, challenges, use-cases and much more:

  • Exploring migration readiness – Are you equipped with the in-depth knowledge of the message structure and its mapping/to legacy format – and vice versa
  • Understanding the viable approaches adapted by banks to ensure interoperability and end-to-end integration
  • · Addressing interoperability and end to end integration - A core theme of SWIFT’s agenda to ISO 20022 Migration for Financial institutions The challenges enroute to migration faced by the banks and possible mitigation approach
Presenting ISO 20022 Offers & Q&A
Gain access:
    • To the widely recognised Payments industry experts.
    • To the tools/process that will help you jump-start/accelerate your ISO 20022 migration. To perform a thorough gap analysis of existing environment and ISO 20022 requirement.
    • Proprietory automation framework
Engage with the experts who are assisting Asia Pacific Banks prepare for ISO 20022 migration:

Kandengath Manikandan, Head of Cards & Payments, Expleo Solutions Limited
George Stein, Business Development Director, XMLdation