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5 Ways To Improve A Bank Branch Profitability

Despite the closure of many high street bank branches, they are still a good source of revenue to the banking ecosystem. The challenge lies in balancing their offerings and their cost. Banks need to properly evaluate their branch networks to determine each one’s role. If banks can identify the focus for each branch they stand a better chance of managing profitability and risk. Here we explore five ways banks can make sure their branches are optimized for profitability.

Next Gen Banking: Forging the Omnichannel Banking Strategy in Asia

In this report we explore the nuances of the next-generation of banks both the digital bank and the physical branch, how they tie together through an omnichannel approach and what banks need to do to gain competitive edge. Discover:

  • How to enable “frictionless interactions”
  • What hallmarks of quality will define the digitally-empowered bank of the future in Asia?
  • What are the characteristics of a next-generation branch? 

The Art of Reinvention: Conceptualising the Smart Branch for the Digital Age

In this article we explore the rise of the smart branch through both design and technology to improve sales and customer experience. Discover:

  • Which new technologies are being implemented across progressive banking branches 
  • Why advanced analytics are so important to redefine the customer experience
  • How humans and technology will align in the new design format

What Should Bank Branches of the Future Focus on

Many branches who have tried these concepts have “borne no fruit” because customers only want to go to a bank to do what they usually go to a bank to do. Customers want a change but the key is to focus on how to improve on the current reasons why people go into physical branches. Download the article to know more about the guidelines in transforming your branches.

Branch Transformation - What Happened Behind the Scenes?

In the article experts from HF Bank & Oman Arab Bank provides tips for branches on how to  strategies, download now to more about it...