Join strategic leaders to tackle the biggest obstacles in CAR T development. Have an opportunity to connect with key decision makers and multiple stakeholders in CAR T Cell Therapies.  Starting with discovery and early stage strategies, participants traverse the current landscape including translation, clinical trials, manufacturing, and global markets.

Interactive group discussions with dedicated Q&A sessions will look at: 

    • Breaking Through with Car T Therapies for Broader Cancer Indications
    • Novel Gene Editing Strategies for Enhancing Car T Cell Function
    • Clinical Trials
    • Furthering Clinical Efficacy in the Solid Tumor Space
    • The Global Regulatory & Commercial Landscape for Car-T
This year, take part in a pre-forum day of workshops and virtual simulations covering:
    • Investigational New Drug (IND) Submission Readiness
    • Virtual Pre-Approval Inspection Simulation with FDA Investigators

Featured Speakers

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Brand Advisory Board

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Laurie Smaldone


NDA Group
speaker name

John Balchunus

Workforce Director

National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL)
speaker name

Vera Hoffman

CEO & Co Founder

Reveal Pharma
speaker name

John McShane

Managing Director

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Anton Xavier

Founder and CEO

K9 Biotech
speaker name

James Zanewicz

Chief Business Officer

Tulane University