August 04 - 06, 2019 |
The Drake Hotel, Chicago, IL

Day 1: Sunday August 4th, 2019

10:20 am - 11:00 am Registration

11:00 am - 11:05 am Welcome Orientation

11:05 am - 11:15 am Thoughtexchange Technology Introduction

11:15 am - 11:25 am Chairperson's Opening Remarks

11:25 am - 12:05 pm Communicating Value & Fostering Investment in the C-Suite: Developing an Agile, Collaborative Approach to Data & Analytics

As the role of the CDAO continues to evolve and play an increasingly important role in driving enterprise value, it’s more important now than ever that CDAO’s focus on developing a cross-functional, agile approach to the deployment of operational analytics. Learn from the real-world experience of your peers and gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities related to taking a proactive role in encouraging the use of soft skills and communication to bridge the information gap between the Data and Analytics team and the C-suite. Delve into the ways in which peers have created innovative, measureable
KPI’s to communicate your value to the CEO and beyond. Key focus areas include:
• Emerging need to look beyond traditional forms of resource planning to achieve agility
• Making the case for an innovation budget which is more open-ended and less focused on defining specific projects
• How CDAO’s can pioneer data-driven culture and encourage digital transformation
• Re-evaluating KPI’s to translate business value to other member of the C-suite

12:05 pm - 12:35 pm Re-evaluating Risk Assessment as a result of AI and the Breadth of Alternative Data Sources

The Fintech and AI Revolutions has already begun to transform the ways in which financial institutions and multinational corporation’s access risk throughout a diverse set of business units. Explore the ways in which the availability of real-time, streaming data that is processed by machines instead of humans can allow you to gain an expanded view of the role risk decisions. As new data sources and our ability to leverage them continues to expand it’s increasingly important to be aware of how to approach issues that can result from those new data sources and automation.
Significant themes discussed include:
• Potential regulatory challenges which could affect growth opportunities
• Developing models to factor bias and encourage ethics in AI
• Using data enrichment to provide broader awareness
Andrew Reiskind, Senior Vice President, Data Strategy at MasterCard

Andrew Reiskind

Senior Vice President, Data Strategy

12:35 pm - 1:05 pm Leveraging the Hybrid Cloud to Provide Business Insights through Embedded Analytics

While a majority of enterprises have already begun the process of integrating hybrid to multi-cloud based solutions, many have quickly found that a “one size fits all approach” is not typically the most effective strategy to implementation. This session will allow you to better understand some of the most effective approaches to enterprise-wide adopting that suits specific business needs and drives long-term value and ROI. Additionally, learn about some of the ways in which cloud providers have created AI/ML based embedded analytics tools to streamline the data discovery and curation process.
Other topics addressed:
·         Minimizing your security risks through finding the right balance between in-house and cloud based solutions.
·         How to optimize hybrid monitoring tools to avoid data breaches
·         Anticipating which points of data collection are best served by the cloud and which need to be “closer to the edge”
Correlation between amount of technical debt accumulated and timeline of delivery ROI on cloud capabilities

1:05 pm - 2:05 pm Networking Lunch

2:05 pm - 2:45 pm Developing an Agile, Collaborative Data Science Team & Creating Enterprise-Wide Data Literacy

 American Tire Distributors, founded in 1954, has enjoyed explosive growth during the past decade thanks to a renewed focus on leveraging the power of data analytics to meet the evolving needs of wholesalers. Creating and institutionalizing a data science team is fraught with many challenges and requires significant organizational alignment and collaboration. Tim Eisenmann, Chief Analytics Officer & SVP Advanced Analytics, will lead this discussion focused on how to optimize your data science team and scale it up to create significant enterprise value.
Join this session to learn about topics including:
• Effective strategies to operationalize use cases and implement final production while optimizing your data science team
• Aligning the analytics ecosystem to best serve the specific needs of your data science team
• Developing training tools to upskill/reskill end-users to improve last-mile adoption
• Strategies to develop data literacy across the organization and encourage cross-functionality of your data science team
Tim Eisenmann, Chief Analytics Officer at American Tire Distributors

Tim Eisenmann

Chief Analytics Officer
American Tire Distributors

2:45 pm - 3:15 pm Institutionalizing the Supply Chain and Designing Analytics as a Service to Power Business Outcomes

Pratt & Whitney has successfully harnessed the power of analytics to create a competitive business advantage, and revolutionize the way in which it leverages enterprise data and transforms that into dependable business operational insight. Dr. Raj Subbu, Director of Enterprise Analytics at Pratt & Whitney, will lead this session exploring the ways in which he led and fostered the formation of an enterprise analytics as a service practice operating very much like a start-up that has innovated and perfected the art of leveraging best in class analytics platforms, and developing and deploying analytics products at scale to drive measurable business operational transformation.
Topics explored include:
•  Essential elements of analytics as a service
• Incubation and packaging of analytics platforms and products
• Leveraging visual analytics to drive sticky and impactful user experiences
•  Scaling the analytics as a service model to the enterprise
•  Developing sustainable talent pipelines through university partnerships 
Raj Subbu, Director, Data Science & Analytics at Pratt & Whitney

Raj Subbu

Director, Data Science & Analytics
Pratt & Whitney

3:15 pm - 3:45 pm Business Meeting

3:45 pm - 4:15 pm Business Meeting

4:15 pm - 4:30 pm Business Meeting

4:30 pm - 4:45 pm Networking Break


4:45 pm - 5:30 pm Behavioral Analytics/Sentiment Analysis
Behavioral analytics and the incorporation of Natural Language Processing have begun to fuel a myriad of day-to-day reactions. Companies who have begun to leverage the use of sentiment analysis have already found measurable success in applications as wide-ranging as optimizing the customer service experience in a call center to detecting patterns of fraud.
Learn how to:
·         Select goals, KPI’s, metrics
·         Define them most desirable user journeys
·         Apply event tracking
·         Leveraging end-point data


4:45 pm - 5:30 pm Predictive /Augmented Analytics: Overcoming the Hype and Mastering the First Step to Explainable AI
While it’s extremely likely that CEO’s are able to identify the potential long-term benefits of promoting AI, delivering measurable, disruptive results will continue to remain a challenge in the short to medium term. This session will explore some of the ways AI and other advanced predicative analytics can be deployed to drive results in the here and now.
• Pioneering strategies to leverage AI capabilities across the data processing chain using cloud based real-time analytics
• The use of predictive analytics to maintain customer loyalty, avoid flight risk and optimizing pricing strategy
• Moving on from “black boxes to business integration and self-service capabilities

5:30 pm - 6:00 pm Using AI To Transform Clinical Outcomes & Reduce Resource-Heavy Expenditures

AI has increasingly become a powerful tool to enhance clinical outcomes and pioneer a more holistic, personalized approach to healthcare. Somesh Nigam, SVP and Chief Data and Analytics Officer of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, will dive into ways in which his organization has pioneered the use of integrated data and predictive modelling to determine optimal times to deploy intensive, resource-heavy interventions and preventive treatment.
Join this session to learn about topics including:
·         Developing imperatives for big data analytics infrastructure
·         Supporting population health management
·         Managing quality and costs  through analytics tools
Driving effective coordination between both external and internal stakeholders to provide more actionable insights

Somesh Nigam, Senior Vice President, Chief Analytics and Data Officer at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana

Somesh Nigam

Senior Vice President, Chief Analytics and Data Officer
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana

6:45 pm - 7:15 pm Collaborative and Courageous Leadership

Learn how innovative and dynamic leaders are leading the way by having courageous conversations within their organization. Discover how organizations are creating a culture that promotes openness, transparency and collaboration by empowering their employees to share their voice and consider the thoughts and ideas of others; shifting the corporate paradigm from closed and knowing to open and learning. In this session you’ll learn what collaborative and courageous leadership means to you and those around you.

Quick fire presentations, 10 minutes each, designed to ignite innovation. They will inform you of new technologies and trends that top CDAOs are leveraging to bring value to their organizations.

Ignite Sessions

6:35 pm - 7:20 pm Designing a Data Supply Chain for Data-As-A-Service: Speaker: Ted Sfikas, Director of Solutions Consultants North America & LATAM, Tealium

6:35 pm - 7:20 pm Creating a Culture of Tech Education: Developing the Future D+A Workforce

From working hand-in-hand with higher education providers to encouraging the democratization of data science, CDAO’s today should be mindful of the ways in which companies are approaching the shortage of workers equipped to fulfill the needs of a data-driven enterprise.

6:35 pm - 7:20 pm Collaboration Across Industries to Unleash the Power of Big Data

As the promise of big data analytics begins to realize itself on a macro scale and the pace of Disruption accelerates many companies are beginning to form strategic partnerships across industry lines to gain a less granular view of the current landscape. Collaboration is needed to identify the ways in which long-standing business models will need to evolve as advanced in predictive analytics and machine learning stand poised to transform.

6:45 pm - 7:15 pm Initiating New Technologies to Increase Revenue from Consumer Data

Publishers Clearing House, founded in 1953, has grown from a direct marketer offering magazine subscriptions to a famous brand that offers a range of merchandise and digital "play and win" entertainment. PCH has 100 Million customers who have interacted with PCH through various channels generating large amounts of data on a daily basis. PCH focused its investments in a robust analytics infrastructure and team to position itself as a leader in the data analytics space.
Join this session to learn about topics including:
• How the analytics team has driven real value and profits to the company
• How Publishers Clearing House chose which tools to integrate into their system
• Harnessing the power of data from millions of individual users
Ash Dhupar, Chief Analytics Officer at Publishers Clearing House

Ash Dhupar

Chief Analytics Officer
Publishers Clearing House

7:15 pm - 7:45 pm Cocktail Reception

7:45 pm - 8:15 pm Networking Reception