Benjamin White

Senior Vertica Database Administrator Domo

Benjamin White is the Senior Vertica Database Administrator (DBA) at Domo where he’s responsible for delivering real-time, ad-hoc analytics to thousands of decision makers. Ben is also a certified database whisperer. To quote a colleague, Lead Developer at Domo, “How many goats did you have to kill to get the database to do that?”. Ben is a highly regarded member of Vertica’s Customer Advisory Board and his workshops on Vertica in Eon Mode have been promoted by AWS as “refreshingly thorough”. During an IT career spanning 20 years, Ben has achieved recognition and numerous certifications in Networking (Cisco), Security (CISSP), Data Science (John Hopkins) and Database Technology. As a thought leader in database administration, Ben has earned a reputation for creating innovative solutions by continuously pushing the limits of what’s possible. His current work on database autonomy is a classic example.

Day Two: Tuesday, April 21st, 2020

Tuesday, April 21st, 2020

11:40 AM Ignite The Road to Autonomous Database Management: How Domo Achieves Performance and Uptime SLAs More Cost Effectively

The complexities of cloud-based data and networking led Domo to use Vertica to power their flagship product and to glean metadata to manage and optimize their databases. Their internal system, called “Domo4Domo,” uses a rules-based engine, with elements of machine learning, to identify and eliminate conditions that cause slow query performance. By achieving close to 100% uptime with this system, the team can confidently deliver on query performance SLAs, as well as expand capacity, when needed, without increasing management costs. Join Domo Senior Database Engineer Ben White as he offers a look into the future of database administration and management, including how he and his team use an advanced separation of compute from storage architecture to build a more autonomous database capable of improving its own performance.

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