Chuck Borges

Military Director of Analytics NAWCAD

A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and US Naval Test Pilot School, CDR Chuck Borges has been a Naval Flight Officer and DoD Acquisition Professional for 20 years, with over 2,600 flight hours in 21 types of military aircraft. He has over 10 years experience in program management, and over the past 4 years has been focused solely on improving Naval Aviation's digital landscape. 

CDR Borges has led innovative data and analytics efforts across Naval Aviation, pioneering the use of associative learning and predictive analytics to improve aircraft logistics and maintenance, as well as developing both SQL and Hadoop based data architectures to improve data life-cycle management for multiple aviation platforms.  Recently, as the first Chief Data Officer at Naval Air Systems Command, CDR Borges was responsible for leading the organizations digital transformation.  In this position, he released an updated data strategy, implemented NAVAIR's first Governance model, and created authoritative data management guidelines as well as an initial Enterprise Data Catalog, providing a strategic road-map to drive implementation of an Enterprise Data Hub. 

He currently serves as the Military Director of Analytics for NAWCAD, responsible for creating an agile analytic capability to allow rapid and consistent analysis of emergent fleet requirements, and is transitioning from active duty Naval service in the fall of 2020.

Day One: Monday, April 20th, 2020

Monday, April 20th, 2020

2:00 PM The Evolving Operating Model of the Data and Analytics Organization

With terabytes of data created daily the critical role of the CDAO is given; what is not as well established is the technical expertise required, how much data governance is needed and exactly what the role entails or the precise reporting structure. As the CDAO role continues to change and grow in importance- collaboration and agility are of paramount importance in the journey of being an effective data executive. The CDAO needs to lead by example how data and analytics can lead the organization as a competitive force that adds value. Proactive CDAOs are trying to prioritize focus and actually execute while getting as close as possible to a recipe for success in an evolving space:

·        Maintaining compliance while accelerating innovation

·        Defining the role’s importance and collaborating in the C-Suite

·        Providing metrics to communicate successes to other stakeholders

·        Instilling a data-driven culture which empowers digital transformation

·        Success depends on the success of other

·        Recognizing unique organizational levels of complexity

·        Demonstrating value while innovating for sustainable success

Leveraging the optimal balance of innovation, ethics and governance

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