Ganes Kesari

Senior Vice President Analytics & Innovation Gramener

Ganes Kesari is an entrepreneur, data science expert, author, and TEDx speaker with international speaking experience.

Ganes co-founded Gramener, a leading data science company, where he heads analytics and innovation. For the past 10 years, he has been advising CXOs at large enterprises like E&Y, Deloitte, Novartis, Times Group, Dell, GroupM on data science. He demystifies the application of data science, shows how to build teams and helps adopt insights for decision making.

Ganes helps the senior leadership of NGOs and Governments adopt data science in their community and conservation efforts. By scaling Gramener to a 200 member organization, he has demonstrated his strategic thinking and ability to execute on the ground.

He is a passionate writer, public speaker, and corporate trainer. He actively shares his knowledge by speaking in large conferences around the world, and by publishing articles in leading magazines. He is regularly invited to opine on the latest industry trends through news articles, podcasts and panel discussions. He is currently working on his book on Applied Data Science, targeted at Executives. Over an 18 year career he has delivered thought leadership, advisory and industry impact through technology, data, storytelling and AI. More details at and 

Day One: Monday, April 20th, 2020

Monday, April 20th, 2020

2:00 PM The Evolving Operating Model of the Data and Analytics Organization

With terabytes of data created daily the critical role of the CDAO is given; what is not as well established is the technical expertise required, how much data governance is needed and exactly what the role entails or the precise reporting structure. As the CDAO role continues to change and grow in importance- collaboration and agility are of paramount importance in the journey of being an effective data executive. The CDAO needs to lead by example how data and analytics can lead the organization as a competitive force that adds value. Proactive CDAOs are trying to prioritize focus and actually execute while getting as close as possible to a recipe for success in an evolving space:

·        Maintaining compliance while accelerating innovation

·        Defining the role’s importance and collaborating in the C-Suite

·        Providing metrics to communicate successes to other stakeholders

·        Instilling a data-driven culture which empowers digital transformation

·        Success depends on the success of other

·        Recognizing unique organizational levels of complexity

·        Demonstrating value while innovating for sustainable success

Leveraging the optimal balance of innovation, ethics and governance

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