Steven Stepp

Vice President of Analytics Catholic Health Services of Long Island

Agenda Day 1: Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sunday, November 17th, 2019

11:50 AM Conceptualizing an Outcome-Driven Governance Model & Optimizing the Decision Making Process

The integration of advanced data and analytics capabilities into a complex, high volume health system necessitates the development of a data governance framework that accounts for the unique variables associated with the healthcare space. Steve Stepp, Vice President of Analytics at Catholic Health Services of Long Island, will highlight how he’s forging a “single pane of glass” approach to data-driven decision making in order to improve agility and ensure that data-related investments are being fully leveraged to improve the patient experience. 

Join this session to learn how to:
•Develop a framework to identify clinically relevant data to empower last-mile decision making
•Implement an objective-centered data management strategy
•Promoting an ownership model can lead to improved organization alignment and support governance framework