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In an ever-changing world maintaining the status quo is no longer good enough. The forward-thinking CFO must push innovation and be looking towards the future in order to secure their company today. Our uncertain times with trade disruptions, cyber security attacks and possible economic downturn require proactive action now to protect ourselves tomorrow. 

An emphasis on Risk Management, where FinTech is heading next, as well as talent and customer retention come to the forefront of discussion as we look across the business landscape. Discussions of Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Customer Intelligence analytics help companies evolve and remain steadfast in an ever more competitive market. Maintaining relationships and both attracting new talent and retaining said talent has become a growing issue in a world where new jobs are at the fingertips of those who are seeking new opportunity. No longer is the CFO a behind the scenes number cruncher; they must now be on the front lines of strategic planning and execution. 

Attendees will not only have the opportunity to hear from industry leaders, learn from peers, and participate in interactive activities, they will also be able to earn up to 12 CPE creditsGiven the issues mired by this environment; we do extensive research in order to provide innovative views on omnipresent topics as well as keep participants up to date on the newest, most pressing issues disrupting the finance sector. This event is designed to stimulate discussion and work towards solutions in a creative way and is imperative for industry leaders who want the proper tools for success. 

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Key Topics Addressed Throughout the Exchange:


By 2020 “Customer intelligence” will be the most important predictor of revenue growth and profitability. (PWC Financial Services Technology 2020 and beyond)


AI and AR are being adopted by ERP systems to improve the tracking of materials and workers as industries become more digital.—


The most notable application of blockchain will be in how it transforms payments for banks & customers by reducing the cost and time taken to transfer money.—NASDAQ


66% of financial service companies are expected to make significant investment in RPA (Robotic Process Automation) over the next 3 years, allowing them to save time and money in the future.—SG


The distributed ledger system of Blockchain ensures transparency, minimizes risk & human error, and reduces transactional fees.—FinExtra


By 2021, 85% of corporate customer service channels will utilize artificial intelligence to communicate with their customers.—PWC global FinTech Survey

What Distinguishes This Event?

Unique invitation-only event which will feature senior executives from leading global companies. Unsurpassed formal and informal networking opportunities to share and exchange ideas and concepts.

50 Cross-industry Leaders

Benchmark strategies alongside Officers from leading organizations at this invitation-only event

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Empower Your Business with the Right Solutions & Services

Meet the leading service providers relevant to your strategic needs in scheduled one-on-one meetings


Interactive, Customized Agenda

Build a customized agenda of practical presentations, cutting-edge case studies, and interactive roundtable discussions consistent with your current priorities – no time wasted!

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The world’s leading CFO event for networking and benchmarking


Executives from $1+ Billion Dollar Organizations


Industry Speakers


Innovative Solution Providers


Interactive Sessions


Exclusive Opportunity to Share, Learn, and Build Key Business Relationships

This Exchange presents the opportunity to network, learn from others, identify trends, benchmark, discuss the latest information technologies, and build business relationships with IT executives. At this Exchange we elevate your experience with these five features:


Brain Weave® discussions - intimate discussion, usually in a small room without PowerPoint, to urge interaction and brainstorming


Exclusive senior level attendance - our profiling criteria for inviting delegate will ensure that you are surrounded by peers at your level


Strategic conference sessions – the agenda was designed after thorough and in-depth researches with Chief Information Officers and IT executives to make sure we are addressing only relevant topics


Customized itinerary – you will be able to choose the activities you want to take part on, as well as vendors you would like to meet


One-on-one business meetings - optimize your time out of the office by meeting key vendors of your choice and understand how they can quickly help you overcome some of your most pressing issues

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