13 - 14 August, 2019 | PARKROYAL Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW

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Agenda - 2nd Annual Chatbots Summit

ANZ Region’s Only Conference Dedicated to Chabot Design and Development. Chatbots 2019 is your toolkit to effectively develop, deploy and scale chatbot capability to improve CX, sales and staff efficiency.When: 13 – 14 August 2019  Where: Parkroyal, Darling Harbour& ...

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Find Your Workshop | Chatbots Summit 2019

Alongside panel discussions, case study presentations and solutions clinics, the Chatbots Summit Australia offers the opportunity to participate in four deep-dive workshop sessions focusing on different challenge areas including strategy, customer experience, employee experience and culture and operational efficiency. Due to high demand each of these must be booked in...

Chatbots 2.0: What's New for Chatbots in 2019 and Beyond?

As we move beyond the hype of chatbots we explore what the next generation of intelligent assistants means. As the technology improves, chatbots are going to be more than just a novel addition to a business – they will be necessities in the arenas of both customer experience and operational...

5 Thing's We've Learned from Chatbots in Business

Digital channels have now emerged as the preferred choice for many of Asia’s consumers when it comes to interacting and engaging with brands. In this new age of customer engagement, chatbots will be the gamechanger in transforming customer experience, service excellence, marketing and sales. As we move away from pilot...

Special Report - The State of Chatbots

This special report on the State of Chatbots details a customer-centric blueprint for implementing, measuring and optimizsng chatbots. Topics include:5 major chatbot mistakes3 signs of a valuable chatbotWays to align chatbots with customer intentionsSteps to create “omnichannel” bots3 ways chatbots impact the agent experienceKeys to creating more “intelligent” bots

It’s Time to Talk: How Effectively Deployed Chatbot Functionality is Driving Customer Experiences and Agent Efficiency

The digital age customer wants instant gratification, faster solutions and immediate answers. To deliver this we see organisations turning to automation and digital technologies, with chatbots specifically emerging as the buzz technology of 2019. According to reports, only 20% of internet users have incorporated Chatbots in their day-to- day lives...

Chatbots Point of View: a Report by Deloitte Digital

Chatbots are a clear manifestation that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving the hype. We are seeing more and more business applications where chatbots with self-learning capabilities can interact with humans in a more natural way. In this report, Deloitte explores the latest developments in the chatbot technology domain with examples...

Determining where your business can go with chatbots: lessons learned from Heritage Bank

In this video interview, Julie Boulton, Former RPA Developer Lead at Heritage Bank shares insight into Heritage Bank’s bots journey to date and how to successfully develop and deploy new bots to drive benefits for your business.

Special Report: Increasing Humanity With Chatbots

It’s often said that chatbots are most useful for handling rote, repetitive tasks like account inquiries and billing status updates, thereby freeing human agents to tackle more high-value work that requires empathy and communication skills.However, as the technology grows increasingly sophisticated, there are a growing number of use cases where...

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Revealed: The Top 5 Hottest Chatbots in Australia

New research identifies the chatbot use cases with the most appeal and who exactly they appeal to (and who they don’t appeal to).

Universities use chatbots to answer routine questions

Increasingly popular with cash-strapped universities, chatbots can rapidly answer routine questions from students (and sometimes staff), saving waiting time on a phone and reducing university labour costs.

7 lessons AGL’s innovation team learnt when building a chatbot

Energy retailer's innovation manager shares the human-centred design thinking and iterative approach behind the group's chatbot


Interview with Julie Boulton, Former RPA Developer Lead at Heritage Ban

In this interview, Julie Boulton, Former RPA Developer Lead at Heritage Bank shares insight into Heritage Bank’s bots journey to date and how to successfully develop and deploy new bots to drive benefits for your business.

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Chatbots 2019 Registration Form

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Working with bots: how Gumtree is using AI to improve customer service

In this article, Magda Cortez, Senior Product Manager at Gumtree Australia shares insight into how Gumtree has set up their business internally to support AI and how they are designing and implementing ‘bots’ to drive innovation and a personalised CX.


How ABC Successfully Deployed An Award Winning Personalised Chatbot Through Facebook Messenger and Gained Increased Support

In this presentation from Chatbots 2018 Craig McCosker, Digital Media Product Manager at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation explores; Implementing Chatbots through Facebook Messenger to attract new users and increase engagementFocusing on ABC’s journey through design and deployment and the challenges faced by the teamOvercoming the barriers and achieving success with Facebook

The Human Machine Behind AGL’s Successful Bot Launch in 2018

In this presentation from Chatbots 2019, Thom Linford, Digital Bot Lead at AGL explores;The Launch of AGL’s customer facing chatbotsHow, in the face of challenges, more demanding customers and limited budgets, AGL took and idea from concept to commercialisationThe lessons learned from their 12 month prototyping journey