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Download the 2021 Agenda

Download the 2021 agenda for the first Virtual Chief Data Officer Exchange to find out more about the online interactive Roundtables, Panel discussions and plenary sessions that will be taking p ...

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2021 State of Data Engineers Global Survey

Dimensional Research in partnership with Fivetran recently conducted a survey of 500+ data engineers at companies ranging from small to large enterprises. Key insights revealed: 98% face challenges building new pipelines 68% state that additional business insights ...

Reimagining Data Governance

Instead of relying on top-down management processes, let your data define governance priorities. Reimagine your governance approach to lead with the data, and apply ML and deep data insight to automate manual processes, get to value faster, and improve accuracy across your governance programs. Tr ...

The Benefits Of High Precision Matching In Automated Screening – Compliance As Part Of A Unique Customer Profile

This whitepaper will carry out how an effective data solution can be set up to manage risk and compliance efforts effectively while also contributing substantially to the company goals.

Case Study: Stibo Systems and the Value of the CDO FS Exchange

Ahead of the Chief Data Officer Exchange for Financial Services, we asked one of our trusted solution providers, Stibo Systems to walk us through why they choose to return to the Exchange year upon year.

CDO Exchange: Post Event Report 2019

At the fourth edition of our flagship CDO Exchange in March 2019, we were delighted to welcome 90 CDOs and Heads/Directors of Data & Analytics, along with a hand-selected group of solution providers for two days packed full of networking, idea-sharing and one-to-one business meetings.

The CDO's Playbook: Interview with Peter Jackson 2020

In 2018 we had the pleasure of sitting down with Peter Jackson, who was then the first ever Chief Data Officer at Southern Water, and is now the Director of Group Data Sciences at Legal & General as well as the co-author of ‘The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook’. Peter found time to talk to us about ...

CDO Exchange: Where Will CDO's be Investing in 2019?

Thought-provoking presentations from industry leaders, compelling round-table discussions, in-depth think tanks and other interactive sessions foster a culture of collective learning, allowing senior data leaders to benchmark their current strategies and stimulate innovation.

CDO Exchange Financial Services: Where Will CDO's be Investing in 2019?

70 leading data professionals will come together for the Chief Data Officer Exchange for Financial Services to discuss data value management, data architecture, the role that data plays in digital transformation, and much more.

CDO Exchange Financial Services: The Evolution of the CDO Investment Priorities

Ahead of the CDO Exchange for Financial Services in November, we have summarised the investment priorities from past attendees who revealed their top data-related intentions.

CDO Exchange FS: Post Event Report 2019

In 2019 we welcomed over 100 experts in Data & Analytics from leading Financial Services to our CDO Exchange FS to discuss their challenges and the latest trends over two days of networking, inspiring case studies, interactive Think-Tank discussions and one-to-one ...

Sensitive Data Management - Bloor Spotlight

Most organisations are storing sensitive data, but often do not know where it is or which data it is. Moreover, some companies are storing data that they do not realise is sensitive, which may be either directly or indirectly sensitive.

Data Assurance - Bloor Hyper Report

Assuring the quality and provenance of your data is vital for both operational and analytic purpose. As we use data more and more, and especially as we increasingly automate the processing of that data, we need the assurance that the data is both accurate, timely and complete.

Working From Home: Essential Reading

Customer Crisis: COVID-19

During this incredibly sensitive time, brands must be mindful of the decisions they make as the impact on customer loyalty and employee experience may last long after this health epidemic blows over. Read our article exploring COVID-19: Customer care and employee experience in times of widespread social stress for more...

What is the Digital Workplace?

The digital workplace has advanced significantly throughout the past decade and as we move into a new era of remote working, why not learn more about the subject? This detailed infographic gives you a snapshot of key statistics and trends, including: what we know, today's challenges, managing email, duplicating work,...

Evolution of the Digital Workplace: A Journey Through the 2010s & Predictions for the 2020s

We interviewed a number of industry thought leaders responsible for their company’s digital workplace strategy and asked them to walk us through their digital workplace journey through the past decade and to outline their predictions for the new decade. They each provided a brief overview of how the digital workplace...

Employee Experience: Today & Beyond

We had the chance to hear from Brett Caldon, CEO of Workgrid Software, and gain expert insights into how IT plays a significant role in employee experience and the future of the digital workplace. Brett is Head of Business Operations for Workgrid Software, a tech start-up and wholly owned subsidiary...

How Companies Can Leverage Mobility as a Catalyst for Digital Transformation

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Gina Gallo, CEO of Stratix, to discuss her expert insights into how mobility helps drive the digital transformation change and help connect the employee experience to that of the customers.

60 Seconds with Automation Leaders

We interviewed four leaders from the automation space to divulge their insights into their company’s automation strategy, automation journey, the impact this has on their business, the role their solution providers play in their automation, and much more.

Virtual Think Tanks

The Questions To Ask Before Building Your Business Case For Customer Data Transparency

It’s never been more important to measure the ROI from your data projects. This helps your business leaders make fact based decisions. Data transparency is key to this, but achieving it requires investment. And so you must develop a business case your board will sign off. But what questions should...

Facing Uncertainties With A Governed Data Strategy

The current crisis has disrupted many aspects of people’s social and working lives. The strategic importance that data plays in adjusting to the to the new normal, coupled the concerns over data privacy, will require many organistions to think and act differently in order to thrive. In this session we...