Top 15 Data Investment Priorities for 2020

Take a look at where CDO's are looking to invest in 2020. View the top 15 within this exclusive report.  

Micro Focus Data Privacy Manager

Data-Driven Businesses Today’s data-driven businesses rely on analytics insights for creating customer value, maximizing operational efficiencies and achieving competitive advantage. More data than ever before is captured and flows throughout the entire enterprise, from millions of IoT smart devices at the edge of the network, through thousands of applications, to repositories on-premises, and on public and private cloud. 

Unleash the Potential Of Your Big Data

With a new century in full swing and predictions showing that in the next five years global data will increase by around 80 percent (from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to 175 zettabytes in 2025*), it is more relevant than ever that organizations look at not only how to manage their data in a secure way, but also how to exploit this rich source for potential revenue generation and business advancement.

Micro Focus Voltage SecureData For Hadoop

Apache Hadoop is an open source platform that provides a software framework for highly reliable, scalable, distributed storage and processing of large data sets.

Chief Data Officer Exchange Financial Services - Post Event Report

It is a pleasure to offer you the post-event report of the 2019 CDO Exchange for Financial Services. We're glad to be able to share with you the expert insights, key learnings and statistics that were made throughout the two days of the Exchange.

Sensitive Data Management - Bloor Spotlight

Most organisations are storing sensitive data, but often do not know where it is or which data it is. Moreover, some companies are storing data that they do not realise is sensitive, which may be either directly or indirectly sensitive.

Data Assurance - Bloor Hyper Report

Assuring the quality and provenance of your data is vital for both operational and analytic purpose. As we use data more and more, and especially as we increasingly automate the processing of that data, we need the assurance that the data is both accurate, timely and complete. 

It's GDPR, But Not As We Know It

How mastering your data will make you a true customer champion. With the 2020s now upon us, now is as good a time as any to evaluate your business processes and think about what you can do to make life better for your customers and employees. In this post-GDPR world, you’re faced with a number of considerations when it comes to data and information management, and chances are you’ve got at least some confidence in the preparation you’ve done so far.

While compliance evidently remains crucial, we want to take things a step further. In effect, we want to answer this question: how can you truly use GDPR as an opportunity to proactively transform your business, increase data transparency and do the right thing for your customers? In this guide, we’ll show you how it can be done.

Customer Crisis: COVID-19

During this incredibly sensitive time, brands must be mindful of the decisions they make as the impact on customer loyalty and employee experience may last long after this health epidemic blows over. Read our article exploring COVID-19: Customer care and employee experience in times of widespread social stress for more details on how many businesses are starting to contemplate how this outbreak could shift customer needs and employee expectations.

What is the Digital Workplace?

The digital workplace has advanced significantly throughout the past decade and as we move into a new era of remote working, why not learn more about the subject? This detailed infographic gives you a snapshot of key statistics and trends, including: what we know, today's challenges, managing email, duplicating work, searching for information and more.

Evolution of the Digital Workplace: A Journey Through the 2010s & Predictions for the 2020s

We interviewed a number of industry thought leaders responsible for their company’s digital workplace strategy and asked them to walk us through their digital workplace journey through the past decade and to outline their predictions for the new decade. They each provided a brief overview of how the digital workplace has, and continues to evolve before moving on to the three elements that make up the digital workplace landscape: Technology, Processes and People.

Employee Experience: Today & Beyond

We had the chance to hear from Brett Caldon, CEO of Workgrid Software, and gain expert insights into how IT plays a significant role in employee experience and the future of the digital workplace. Brett is Head of Business Operations for Workgrid Software, a tech start-up and wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Mutual Insurance. In an era of disruption and evolving customer and employee expectations, he is responsible for solving for emerging business needs by delivering innovative technology and software products to support the enterprise.

How Companies Can Leverage Mobility as a Catalyst for Digital Transformation

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Gina Gallo, CEO of Stratix, to discuss her expert insights into how mobility helps drive the digital transformation change and help connect the employee experience to that of the customers.

60 Seconds with Automation Leaders

We interviewed four leaders from the automation space to divulge their insights into their company’s automation strategy, automation journey, the impact this has on their business, the role their solution providers play in their automation, and much more.

The Benefits Of High Precision Matching In Automated Screening – Compliance As Part Of A Unique Customer Profile

This whitepaper will carry out how an effective data solution can be set up to manage risk and compliance efforts effectively while also contributing substantially to the company goals.

Top 15 Data Investment Priorities for 2019

Ahead of the 2019 Chief Data Officer Exchange, attendees were asked what their top challenges were and where they plan to invest in the next 6 - 12 months. Download the infographic to see the full results.

CDO Exchange 2019: A Year in Review

In 2019, we welcomed over 230 data leaders across three events to explore the most exciting topics in Data. Our exclusive events bring together some of the leading minds responsible for devising and implementing data initiatives across industries for two days packed with idea-sharing and informal networking, arming attendees with the stimulus they need to inspire data-driven innovation within their respective organisations.

As we look towards 2020 and our fifth anniversary celebrations, now is a great time to reflect on the highlights of our 2019 events.

The Evolution of CDO Investment Priorities

We uncovered how the CDO investment priorities have developed in recent years with expert insights from Scott Taylor, The Data Whisperer. And get some expert predictions from leading Data practitioners on how the role will develop in the coming years.

Post-Event Report: CDO Exchange March 2019

The CDO Exchange March 2019 was our biggest event yet in the series. Download the Post-Event Report for an insight into what happened over the 2 days including the senior level data experts who attended, the key takeaways, sessions highlights and much more!

Modernizing Data Architectures For A Digital Age Using Data Virtualization

Many organizations are deciding to modernize their data architectures to use data more effectively and therefore stay competitive in the emerging digital economy. However, for it to be effective, modernization must be seamless and must not disturb current and ongoing business processes.

This whitepaper describes how data virtualization can help to modernize an existing data architecture to unlock and exploit all the existing data more quickly without the need to mass replace existing tools. 

Big Data Protection with Data-Centric Security

How safe is your data in light of today’s modern threat and regulatory landscape. Download this eBook from Microfocus to learn about: 

  • The challenges of enterprises trying to leverage big data. 
  • How traditional IT security can’t protect big data. 
  • How Data-Centric security can protect big data in Hadoop and Hybrid IT 
  • How enterprises are using data-centric security to protect privacy and unleash the power of data 

The CDO's Playbook: Interview with Peter Jackson

We had the opportunity to sit down with Peter Jackson, co-author of 'The Chief Data Officer's Playbook' who will be speaking at the CDO Exchange in March 2019, to discuss the hottest topics in data. 

Check out the interview here.