15 - 16 October, 2019 | Rydges Sydney Central, Sydney, NSW

Conference Day Two: Wednesday, 16th October 2019

8:30 am - 9:00 am Coffee & Registration

9:00 am - 9:10 am Opening Remarks from Conference Chairperson

Wen Smallwood, Director of Digital Transformation and Agile Implementation at Optus

Wen Smallwood

Director of Digital Transformation and Agile Implementation

9:10 am - 10:10 am Inland Revenue Case Study: What Can Be Learnt From The Change Management Of An Entire Country?

The Inland Revenue NZ has witnessed a complete restructure, bringing their operations into the modern day. The result of this huge transformation initiative, involving 6000 people and impacting a population of 4.8 million, saw streamlined processes replace 30 years of technology and a way of working which was seen to be effective. Here Greg and Dianne will discuss the planning, considerations and execution of transformation on a gigantic scale and difficulties faced along the way.

  • Reshaping the Inland Revenue and how it deals with customers and citizens
  • Technological, organisational and operational restructure
  • Change management strategies for unpopular decisions such as replacing processes, reductions in staff, new ways of working and broad based capabilities
Greg James, Chief Transformation Officer at Inland Revenue NZ

Greg James

Chief Transformation Officer
Inland Revenue NZ

Dianne Saker, Business Transformation Change Director and ongoing advisor at Inland Revenue NZ

Dianne Saker

Business Transformation Change Director and ongoing advisor
Inland Revenue NZ

Within the transformation space there exists some debate as to the value of the transformation role and the ultimate goal of the function. Does having a transformation team cause such change to be siloed into a departmental issue rather than something each individual is responsible for?

  • Transformation as a core capability and not a departmental responsibility
  • How to ensure accountability for transformation across all business units
  • How can transformation work be scaled?
  • Does transformation ever end?
  • In the world of transformation where change is a constant, how do we deal with change saturation? Is change saturation real or a myth?
  • What happens after transformation? How do we deal with the aftermath?
Ginger Nocom, Group Head of Change Management at Ruralco Holdings

Ginger Nocom

Group Head of Change Management
Ruralco Holdings

Greg James, Chief Transformation Officer at Inland Revenue NZ

Greg James

Chief Transformation Officer
Inland Revenue NZ

Roly O-Connell

Head of Portfolio & Transformation

Simon Belousoff, Head of Personalisation (Customer Transformation) at BUPA Australia & NZ

Simon Belousoff

Head of Personalisation (Customer Transformation)
BUPA Australia & NZ

Ben Frederiksen, Head of Customer Strategy and Operations across ANZ at Uber Eats

Ben Frederiksen

Head of Customer Strategy and Operations across ANZ
Uber Eats

10:50 am - 11:30 am Morning Tea

Stream One: Transformation, Strategy & Project Management

11:30 am - 12:10 pm Alinta Energy: Combining Innovation and Ideation With A 5 Stream Transformation Programme To Keep Up With Rapid Business Growth
Having grown their customer base from 300,000 to over a million in 18 months, Alinta Energy are addressing their transformation capabilities to keep up with rapid growth. Here Tanya shares the process of restructuring the transformation strategy to maintain pace and take advantage of growth.

  • Combing transformation with strategy and innovation to stay one step ahead
  • A transformation programme which combines 5 programmes of work
  • Building a governance structure to enhance clarity across business units and executives
Tanya Graham, Chief Transformation Officer at Alinta Energy

Tanya Graham

Chief Transformation Officer
Alinta Energy

Stream One: Transformation, Strategy & Project Management

12:10 pm - 12:50 pm How NewsCorp Is Getting Big Results Fast As It Transforms To Become Future-Ready
NewsCorp is dramatically transforming its business to get closer to its customers. In this session, Michael shares some key approaches for how to achieve big results quickly, while ensuring the long-term success of transformation and building for the future.

  • Energising a workforce to create momentum
  • Securing early-wins to free up funding that fuels ongoing delivery
  • Establishing a clear blueprint for success
  • Executing initiatives with a ‘delivery engine’ that drives results
Michael Vullings, Head of Customer Experience Transformation at Newscorp

Michael Vullings

Head of Customer Experience Transformation

Stream Two: Change & Culture Management

11:30 am - 12:10 pm Strategy and Change Considerations When Mobilizing Transformation in Legacy Institutions
A key challenge of transformation is getting the decision makers to see the value in the proposed projects and breaking free from the shackles of legacy systems. Here Kate shares how people and processes management can be advocates of change.

  • How to unshackle from legacy systems
  • Project, change and strategic management as key elements to transformative work
  • Moving beyond project delivery to embedding transformation as a holistic change
  • Arming people on driving change at Slater and Gordon: culture, capability and process adaptation
Kate Malone, Chief Transformation Officer at Slater and Gordon

Kate Malone

Chief Transformation Officer
Slater and Gordon

Stream Two: Change & Culture Management

12:10 pm - 12:50 pm Ruralco Holdings Case Study: Operational Excellence As The Next Critical Step In Transformative Work
In this session Ginger looks to unravel the stages of transformation. She discusses Ruralco’s journey of maturity, moving away from project-to-project transformation, towards operational excellence.

  • The next step in transformation: operational excellence and embedding change
  • How customer focused and people-centric change management can unlock opportunities for continuous improvement
  • The impact of transition from project-led transformation to business ownership of transformative initiatives
Ginger Nocom, Group Head of Change Management at Ruralco Holdings

Ginger Nocom

Group Head of Change Management
Ruralco Holdings

12:50 pm - 1:50 pm Lunch

Stream One: Transformation, Strategy & Project Management

1:50 pm - 2:30 pm Negotiating Transformation Across Multiple Government Agencies To Enable Joint Vision and Consistency Of Experience For The Customer
The difficulties of aligning transformative practice to business needs are felt on a much larger scale when attempting to implement change across government agencies with differing agendas. Here Tom will explain the framework which has been drawn up to help maintain congruency on multiple levels.

  • ‘The digital design standard’ - a transformation framework for consistency in across government agencies
  • The importance of providing a consistent language for transformation services
  • The challenge of setting the broad agenda for an omni-channel experience
  • Keeping the system alive through continuous engagement strategies
Santhoshi Chander, Head Program & Change Management Office at HealthShare NSW

Santhoshi Chander

Head Program & Change Management Office
HealthShare NSW

Stream One: Transformation, Strategy & Project Management

2:30 pm - 3:10 pm Building The Plane While Flying It: How To Maintain Transformation Momentum While Rapidly Scaling
This session explores the art of decision making for the transformation expert. Balancing the priorities of differing functions of a business, whilst ensuring that you are delivering for your customers is a central challenge for the transformation role. This includes those of the leadership and the stakeholders as well as business units. Here Ben talks to how to approach this while scaling the business and achieving transformation outcomes.

  • Securing cross functional alignment in a highly matrixed environment
  • Achieving shared vision and direction with leadership
  • The challenges of scaling at a fast pace
  • Switching to an external focus: the customer as the priority
Ben Frederiksen, Head of Customer Strategy and Operations across ANZ at Uber Eats

Ben Frederiksen

Head of Customer Strategy and Operations across ANZ
Uber Eats

Stream Two: Change & Culture Management

1:50 pm - 2:30 pm Embedding A Change Management Framework To Support The Implementation of Strategic Programs at the University of Queensland
The University of Queensland see the necessity of adapting business processes on the back end in order to fully support transformative work. As a result they are implementing a change management framework to guide change and ensure any adjustments aligns with business vision.

  • Increasing capability and capacity for dealing with change
  • Changing business processes to introduce a mature system into an developing environment
  • The key to success: transformation guided by the business strategic vision
  • Working with Sponsors and Business Owners to understand the interdependencies between various programs and impact on the sequencing of such programs
  • Lessons learned from previous transformation failures
Dr Jacques Liebenberg, Director, Strategic Program Office at The University of Queensland

Dr Jacques Liebenberg

Director, Strategic Program Office
The University of Queensland

Stream Two: Change & Culture Management

2:30 pm - 3:10 pm How to Build Organisational alignment - Through Transformative Work To Improve Services and Rebuild Customer Trust?
As the energy market is experiencing rapid and radical change, transformation is proving key to maintaining pace. Here Duncan shares Energy Australia’s approach to transformation, including the need to address organizational apathy and the customer voice. Why transformation is critical to an ever evolving energy market

  • A 7 step plan to transformation including: capability uplift, a winning culture, strategy rebuild & customer centricity
  • Confronting organisational inertia with a clear vision and robust agenda for transformation
  • Building the voice of the Customer
Duncan Bryce, Head Of Business at Energy Australia

Duncan Bryce

Head Of Business
Energy Australia

1:10 pm - 1:40 pm Afternoon Tea

1:40 pm - 2:20 pm Case Study: Ausnet Services Energizing Futures: Unwinding 100 Years Worth Of Legacy Culture To Remain Relevant And Successful

In this session Matt shares how Ausnet Services are charting a path for the future to invest well and ensure future relevance. He will share perspectives on the modern market and how to confront challenges facing legacy industries.

- Drawing up a 5 year transformation strategy
- The objectives:
  • Improving cost efficiencies
  • Realigning culture to address a radically disruptive market: education and capability
  • Focusing on customer centricity: finding the true North
  • Becoming a digital utility
  • Enhancing capabilities
- Tracking the results and predicting the future state
Matt Guthridge, Chief Strategy Officer and Transformation Executive at Ausnet Services

Matt Guthridge

Chief Strategy Officer and Transformation Executive
Ausnet Services

2:20 pm - 3:00 pm iCare NSW Case Study: A Strategic Approach To Implementing Agile Across Both Business and Technology Functions

iCare NSW have built up their transformation function, with a transformation portfolio which emerges from strategic business planning. Hear Amy discuss their project to transform the entire business to Agile and the process and approach needed for such large scale transformative work.

  • Building a transformation portfolio through strategic and business planning
  • Coordinating multiple business units by aligning long term direction with projected 12 month priorities
  • Introducing Agile across strategic planning as well as technology delivery
  • Overcoming the challenge of project governance and decentralized delivery
  • Measuring successes by evaluating the time, cost and quality of change delivery (outputs) and benefits (outcomes)
  • Tracking the total cost per unit of change
Amy Barouch, Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer at iCare NSW

Amy Barouch

Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer
iCare NSW

5:00 pm - 5:30 pm How Endeavour Energy Organise Strategy and Transformation To Better Face Industry Disruption

As an organization which had not seen a great amount of change, Endeavour Energy sought to introduce initiatives which would transform how they positioned themselves in the ecosystem.

Technological advances and evolving customer expectations meant that they needed a plan to adapt to the disruptive marketplace. Here Miwah shares how they involved all business units in the composition of this operational strategy and the positive impacts already seen from the changes.

  • Constructing a business wide strategy to better face industry disruption
  • Consulting all business units and stakeholders in the strategic planning: 56 workshops directed at 2000 people
  • The difficulties of introducing change into a workplace with an average tenure of over 30
  • The results and impact: cultural shifts, employee engagement, customer centricity and cost efficiencies
Miwah Van, Head of Group Strategy & Transformation at Endeavour Energy

Miwah Van

Head of Group Strategy & Transformation
Endeavour Energy

5:30 pm - 6:10 pm Chairperson Closing Remarks

6:10 pm - 6:10 pm End Conference