Clinical Trial Diversity Strategies
 Making Health Equity a Reality for Underrepresented Populations via Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration and Solution-Driven Partnerships

February 10, 2021 | Live Virtual Forum (EST)

Disparate rates of enrollment of racial and ethnic minorities and medically underserved populations in clinical trials is well documented. This under representation not only impacts the validity of trial results but increases health disparities for under-served communities and patients.

Join key stakeholders for solution driven discussions around improving clinical trial diversity via the implementation of actionable strategies from the planning, design and execution of clinical trials.

It is time to make health equity in clinical trials a reality. Participate with key players to achieve this objective via forging new cross stakeholder relationships, lines of communication and strategic community & advocacy partnerships.

Featured Speakers

Brand Advisory Board

speaker name

Melissa Gonzales

Inclusion Principal, External Partnering

speaker name

Zhonnet Harper

Patient Care Navigator, Breast Cancer, Ambulatory Speciality Care

Alameda Health System
speaker name

Dr. Kevin Knopf MD

Division Chief Hematology/Oncology

Highland Hospital
speaker name

Marvella E. Ford, PhD

Associate Director, Population Sciences and Cancer Disparities

Hollings Cancer Center